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We have piled up few questions for you that you should ask before signing up an online course. 1. What is the actual duration of the course? As a matter of fact, your online course will have a beginning and an end, but when can you expect it to be completed? Check how long the course will last?

8 Questions to Ask Before Developing Your Online Course
  • What knowledge level is this course designed for? ...
  • How much time will your course take to complete? ...
  • Will your learners require one-on-one tutoring? ...
  • Will your learners take your course at home or at work?
Mar 21, 2022

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What training survey questions should you ask before commencing training?

QUESTIONS TO ASK TO DESIGN AN EFFECTIVE ONLINE COURSE. What do you really want students to take away from the course, apart from the foundational knowledge you want them to gain? Think about how you want students • to apply what they learn (determining the kinds of assessments and activities you'll want to build), • to connect the course to prior experience and …

What are general questions about the course?

Training 20+ Best Online Training Survey Questions You Must Ask Learners 1. Did You Find the Course Content Helpful? Training course survey questions like this are a great way to kick off your survey. They help you identify whether the training content meets the expectations of the course participants. 2.

Why do I need to ask questions about my course?

Aug 10, 2016 · The online training course development process starts long before you create your first storyboard or prototype. In this article, I will highlight 10 questions that every eLearning professional should ask before they start creating their next online training course.

How many survey questions should I Ask my online course?

Aug 17, 2017 · As a matter of fact, your online course will have a beginning and an end, but when can you expect it to be completed? Check how long the course will last? Think about how many classes you are planning to attend. Do you have the required time to attend it or not? 2. What is the total cost of a particular online course?


What are the best questions to ask for designing an online learning system?

Get To Know Your Online Learners: 10 Questions For eLearning ProfessionalsWhat skills do they currently possess? ... What is their preferred learning environment? ... Do they have any negative past eLearning experiences? ... What do they expect to take away from the eLearning course? ... Do they have the time to actively participate?More items...•Nov 15, 2015

How do I make an online course checklist?

Checklist to Create Online Course: Development Guide1 – Information about the online course. ... 2 – How the online course will work. ... 3 – Duration and development of the online course. ... 4 – Cost of creation of the online course. ... 5 – Online course price. ... 6 – Technical requirements. ... 7 – Evaluation of the online course.

What are some questions about online class?

Questions to ask the online schoolHow many hours do you expect kids to spend on online coursework each day and each week?What are some examples of typical assignments and deadlines?In terms of time and work, are your overall expectations the same as or different from a traditional school?More items...

What questions should I ask about a course?

Questions to ask about the courseWhat grades do you need – and can you still get a place if you don't quite get the grades?Which qualifications and combinations of qualifications do they accept/prefer?If they use the Ucas tariff, will they count all your qualifications?Is it worth applying for more than one course?More items...•Sep 14, 2021

How do I make a course checklist?

Course Design Checklist ResourcesStep 1 - Develop Course Goals & Objectives. ... Step 2 - Develop Course Outline/Blueprint/Schedule & Syllabus. ... Step 3 - Develop Course Assessments & Assignments. ... Step 4 - Identify & Develop Instructional Content & Materials. ... Step 5 - Develop an Intuitive, Navigationally-friendly Course Site.More items...

How do I review learning content?

How To Review Your eLearning Program And Planning For 2018Know Your Audience. ... Define Your Learning Objectives. ... Decide What Content Needs To Be Included – And What Doesn't. ... Research Best Practices. ... Assess Your eLearning Team. ... Chunk Out Your Content. ... Provide Clear Instructions. ... Allow Enough Time For Testing.More items...•Jan 7, 2018

What are the biggest challenges facing online education today?

Therefore, in the following, we shall explore the biggest challenges facing online education today.Lack of Motivation in Students. ... Infrastructural Problems. ... Digital Literacy and Technical Issues. ... Lack of In-person Interaction. ... Lack of EdTech and Online Learning Options for Special Needs of Students.More items...•Dec 10, 2021

What question would you ask a Q&A page about education?

Answering 8 essential questions about educationDo you feel that the current way we are educating children fully prepares them for the needs of the 21st century? ... What is the role of the teacher? ... What do you feel the most exciting or effective learning environment would be?More items...•May 24, 2018

How do you ensure the quality of online courses?

So, here are three ways to ensure online course quality at your university.Enable students to interact with their instructors. ... Use the same materials for online courses as for campus-based courses. ... Use the advantages of online learning to the fullest.Dec 21, 2018

What to ask before starting a course?

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Training CourseHow will you learn? ... How often will you submit work? ... What feedback will you get? ... How will you be assessed? ... What size groups will you be taught in? ... What facilities are available? ... Who will teach you? ... What do graduates go on to do after the course?Jan 31, 2020

What are some good pre course survey questions?

Developing a Pre-Course SurveyWhat do you want to get out of this course (in addition to the fact that it is required)?What would you like me to know about you and the circumstances under which you are learning this semester?What should I know about you that would help me help you learn better?More items...

What are the learning outcomes questions?

3. Questions About Learning Outcomes 1 Have you applied anything that you have learned? Why or why not? 2 How confident are you in applying what you have learned? 3 What was the most useful thing that you have learned? 4 Did the course make you think differently about a certain topic? 5 Name one topic that you didn’t know anything about.

What is learning outcome?

If an online course’s purpose is to lead the learner from point A to point B, you need to know if it has achieved that, to what degree, and assess how the course can be improved to help others in the future.

Why is it important to ask about the quality of the course materials?

Asking about the quality of the course materials is just essential as asking about the instructor’s performance. Course materials are important because these are the tools that primarily aim to support a student’s learning. Ideally, the course materials will depend on the type of students enrolled.

What is the biggest area of improvement you can gain from an online course feedback survey?

The biggest area of improvement you can gain from an online course feedback survey is your learning outcomes. Gathering learning outcomes from survey questions helps educational institutions know if the students truly learned from their courses. It measures the success of the online course and to what degree.

What is the job of an online course instructor?

It is the job of educational institutions as online course instructors to know the right survey questions to ask for online course feedback. The more you receive constructive feedback from your learners, the more you can improve your online course.

What is feedback used for?

The feedback received will be used to make adjustments to the course and improve upon it. It will also enable faculty members to enhance their teaching skills accordingly. Both negative and positive feedback is constructive and provides opportunities for improving operations. Here are 5 survey questions to ask for online course feedback.

What is the role of an instructor in online learning?

As an instructor, it is essential to present course information to students in a way that retains learnings.

What is demographic information?

Demographic information, at its most basic, is a way to define your improvement goals. Once you have the information of the students before they complete the questionnaire, you can begin creating improvements that are tailor-fit for them. Ask them to indicate the following: Name. Age.

What is a training survey question?

This helps you identify whether the training content meets the expectations of the course participants. For instance, if your respondents conveyed that the training failed to meet their expectations, this possibly indicates a problem with the course content.

How to ensure positive outcomes from online training?

One of the best ways to ensure a positive outcome from online training is to base your training decisions on learners’ data. Surveys provide actionable information for all kinds of training programs including leadership training, diversity training, and sexual harassment prevention training. When you gather feedback from training participants ...

What happens if you don't ask the right questions?

A question asked in the right way often points to its own answer Edward Hodnett, author. This can’t be truer than when you speak of surveys. When you use the right feedback survey questions for training, it will elicit the right responses.

Who is Kamy from ProProfs?

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Is there room for improvement in training?

No matter how many high ratings your course received, there is always a room for improvement. There is always a second perspective and a look from a different angle by another person. As long as you are open to constructive and helpful suggestions, your training will continue to improve in quality and the value they bring to learners. Hence, such training needs analysis survey questions.

Do different learners learn different things at the same time?

Different learners learn different things at the same time that you allocate for a course. That’s why it is interesting to know as an instructor what exactly do each of your learners learn through your course.

Is induction training a formality?

Many organizations still look at training such as induction training as a mere formality, done as a customary practice. This is a huge mistake on their part. Whether it is a corporate training or an eLearning program, it can never be a shot in the dark. As a business owner or instructor, you invest your time, energy, ...

How important is deadline for SME?

Deadlines are very important, so partner with your SME to set a hard deadline, even if they have a more laid back approach . Also, always be honest with yourself about how much you currently have in your workload or how much you anticipate coming.

Why is understanding the audience important?

Understanding the audience will help you to adjust the style and tone of your course design. Speaking to the understanding of the individuals that make up the "learners" will help to create buy-in, and can act as a motivating factor for the learner.

What happens if there is no business outcome expected from the training?

If there is no business outcome expected from the training, it will be hard to enlist the support of the organization and it’s possible that your project will be canceled if it seems to be a “nice to know topic.” Your time and effort are valuable commodities, so you will want to ensure that there is a true business goal such as increased sales, decreased accidents, reduction in personnel, or the like, that it is associated with the training.

What happens when an organization is in flux?

When organizations are in flux, a sense of ennui trickles down to every individual’s performance. If the organization has been talking about an acquisition or merger, it can cause people to change their work habits. If a downsizing has occurred and more work needs to be accomplished with less people, it’s logical that poor performance will follow. Perhaps the department has had three different managers in the last 18 months, and every manager has a different perspective on how the work should be done; eventually people start to second-guess their abilities and perform at a minimal level in order to “play it safe.”

What is the "must read" category?

Here’s something to file under the ‘Must Read’ category for instructional designers and anyone else tasked with creating training; a great list of questions to consider before you start working on any training program.

How does the work environment affect performance?

The work environment can have a large impact on performance ability. Perhaps tools aren’t where they are supposed to be kept. Perhaps processes that are interrelated are hundreds of yards apart. Perhaps the work environment is so noisy that communication frequently breaks down.

What is a performance problem?

Notice the keyword “symptoms.” Very often what presents itself to be a performance problem is truly a symptom of a deeper or related organizational problem. For instance, a large publishing company believed it needed customer service training because it came in dead-last, in the customer service category, in a survey published by its industry magazine. When more investigation was done, it was determined that the organization was suffering from an inadequate technology system that led to the symptom of poor customer service.

Can you do so much as a trainer?

Remember, you can only do so much as the trainer; eventually the trainees must go back on the job and start deploying their new knowledge and skills. Since no one will ever leave a training program having mastered what they were taught, there is a period of time on-the-job when the training must be either reinforced or an ease-in period allowed for. One organization attempted to change the way that their salespeople answered the phone. Unfortunately the managers didn’t go to the training and didn’t really didn’t see a need for changing the way the phone was answered; within a week the salespeople were back to answering the phone the “old way” and the training program and the trainer were implicated in this failure.

Can performance problems be solved?

There are a lot of different causes for performance problems and most of them can NOT be solved by training. These questions can help you identify the source of a performance problem and avoid building a training program that is doomed to fail from the beginning.


Questions About The Course in General

These questions help you find out what are the overall impressions of a learner, from start to finish. Although they seem more general, think of it as a warm-up. For example, ask them to name the top three adjectives that come to mind when they think of the course. This type of information helps instructors refine their marketi…
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Questions About The Course Content

  • The biggest area of improvement is your course content. Your learners offer a unique insight so this should be your main focus, especially if you have limited time or want to build a shorter survey. Just make sure that you cover all aspects related to the course, such as structure, logical flow, extra materials, and of course, the quality of your main content. 1. How would you rate the …
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Questions About Learning Outcomes

  • Learning outcomes are how we measure the success of a course. And while you might be able to assess them through online quizzes or other types of assessments, it’s great to know what learners think about the final result. If an online course’s purpose is to lead the learner from point A to point B, you need to know if it has achieved that, to what degree, and assess how the cours…
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Questions About Their Interaction with The Course

  • These questions aren’t essential, but it can give you a better understanding of how learners interact with your course and with other users. This can help you make their overall experience better or assess how effective your efforts were to make it more enjoyable. It’s also a way to figure out if there were any barriers to learning, such as busy schedules or difficulties in accessi…
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