which of the following were part of the backlash of bebop? course hero

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Who were the pioneers of bebop?

Lester Young and Charlie Christian. Among the pioneers of bebop was this jazz pianist, who applied the virtuosic style of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie to the piano: Bud Powell. The first true bebop records date from.

Who were the musicians that were instrumental in the Bebop movement?

The musical innovations of bebop grew out of. jam sessions. Among the drummers crucial to the bebop style were. Kenny Clarke and Max Roach. This talented trumpet player was also the intellectual force behind bebop. Dizzy Gillespie. Charlie Parker was crucial for linking the modernist complexity of bebop with.

What is the difference between hard bop and cool jazz?

Dave Brubeck Quartet. Cool jazz was also known as. West Coast Jazz. Hard bop tended to feature longer solos, in part because of. the invention of the LP (long-playing record) Hard bop differed from cool jazz in preferring. a direct connection with gospel and rhythm and blues.

Which hand is the bebop piano?

The quintessential bebop piano texture developed by Bud Powell featured: chords in the left hand , and blindingly fast and intricate improvisations in the right hand. Dizzy Gillespie, who died in 1955, had his career cut short by his addiction to heroin. False.

Who played on Kind of Blue?

(Played w/ Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Bill Evans) For his late album, Ascension, John Coltrane. used a radical free improvisatory approach, pushing further into the avant-garde.