what is the best ea review course

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  1. Surgent EA Review Course. With Surgent, you’ll be happy because you’ll be studying smarter, not harder. ...
  2. Gleim Enrolled Agent Review Course. Practice tests, guidance counselors and detailed tracking make this the most in-depth online EA program around.
  3. Fast Forward Academy EA Review Exam Prep. While the video lectures on their own aren’t particularly noteworthy, the way that Fast Forward Academy integrates supplementary information is impressive.
  4. Lambers EA Exam Prep Course and Review. Lambers offers students the option to review with audio lectures, video lectures, and an online workbook.
  5. WiseGuides EA Review Materials. Pay as little as $49 per exam section (90 days of access) or $79 for each part of the exam, or $237 for all three ...
  6. Pass Key EA Review Materials. If you’re on a tight budget for your EA study materials, Passkey offers you plenty of leeway. ...

Top 5 Best EA Review Courses of 2022 – Comparison Guide!
EA Review CoursesBest FeatureDiscounted Price
Surgent EA Review CourseMost Comprehensive$499
Fast Forward Academy EA Review CourseAdaptive Learning Technology$499
Gleim EA Review CourseBest Analytics$567
Lambers EA Review CourseFlashcards$599
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What is the best EA?

5 rows · Mar 11, 2022 · What are the best EA review courses? 1. Surgent EA Review Course – Top Rated Course ...

How to become an EA?

11 rows · Nov 12, 2019 · The chart below is aimed at helping you figure out which enrolled agent exam prep course is ...

Should Microsoft Buy EA?

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What is the best way to EA?

Jan 06, 2022 · What Are The Best EA Review Courses?These are the Top 5 Best EA Review Courses in ...


Is Gleim EA review good?

Gleim is one of the most comprehensive EA review courses on the market and is a great fit for anyone who is serious about passing all 3 parts of the test on the first try.

Which EA exam is the hardest?

The most difficult test for most candidates is Part 2 (Businesses). Only about 60% of exam takers have passed this part in the past three years. Part 1 of the exam (Individuals) is also challenging; approximately 75-80% of exam-takers have passed this part of the exam in the past three years.

How do I study for the EA exam?

With these 6 tips, you'll learn how to pass the EA Exam on your first try.Get a Review Course Specifically for the Enrolled Agent Exam. ... Be Aware of Any New Material. ... KNOW the Fundamentals. ... Memorize Basic Tax Formulas. ... Get Familiar with Prometric's Exam Day Expectations. ... Learn to Budget Your Time (And Learn When to Move On)Nov 15, 2019

Is surgent EA review good?

Surgent EA Exam Review is an excellent choice for any student looking for a good study tool to help them become an Enrolled Agent. It offers affordable study materials if you're on a tight budget— but they also offer the ultimate study experience if you're willing to pay just a bit more.

Is being an EA worth it?

Individuals who are considering a new career path may find that becoming an enrolled agent is the right choice. Offering excellent job security and the opportunity to have jurisdiction throughout the United States, the position of enrolled agent can provide a good salary along with a rewarding career.

How long should you study for EA exam?

How much time should I expect to review the Enrolled Agent study material? Depending on experience, you should expect to invest up to 40-70 hours of total study time for each exam part.

Is the EA exam hard?

On the EA exam, candidates have 3.5 hours to answer 100 MCQs. In contrast, the REG exam requires candidates to complete 76 MCQs and 8 TBSs within 4 hours. The EA exam dedicates a bit more attention to limits, phase-outs, and income brackets. Therefore, the EA exam is not extremely difficult.

Is it difficult to become an EA?

Absolutely! There are three exams you must pass – individuals, businesses & entities, representation & ethics. They vary greatly in difficulty. About 70% of EA candidates pass rates Part 1 (Individuals) and over 80% pass Part 3 (Representation, Practices and Procedures,).Apr 7, 2017

How hard is it to get your EA?

So, is the enrolled agent exam hard? Even though the EA Exam is daunting, it's not as difficult as people make it to out to be—as long as you prepare properly. This is not a normal test and you will have to be studying at your best in order to pass.Aug 9, 2021

What is enrolled agent certification?

Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Individuals who obtain this elite status must adhere to ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years. Enrolled agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights.

What is the difference between an enrolled agent and a CPA?

EAs and CPAs are both knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are required to maintain high ethical standards. The primary difference between an EA vs CPA is that EAs specialize in taxation, and CPAs can specialize in taxation and more.Jan 18, 2022

What is an EA exam?

The IRS Enrolled Agent exam, or the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE), is a three-part exam that individuals must pass to become Enrolled Agents (EAs). Upon passing the EA exam and earning the EA credential, Enrolled Agents are granted unlimited practice rights to represent any taxpayer before the IRS.

What is the difference between an EA and a CPA?

The CPA designation is related to accounting in general, whereas EA certification is strictly based on taxation. Furthermore, while CPAs can handle some tax-related concerns of their clients, EAs are the only tax professionals qualified by the IRS for representation.

Why is Surgent so good?

With Surgent, you’ll be happy because you’ll be studying smarter, not harder. With the intuitive adaptive learning software, you will be studying the topics you don’t know instead of reviewing the areas you’ve already mastered.

Is it easy to pass the EA exam?

While it’s great to think about the unlimited practice rights that come with being certified, passing the EA exam isn’t an easy feat. Getting to this point requires quite a bit of focus and a lot of studying.

Does Passkey have a long term contract?

If you’re on a tight budget for your EA study materials, Passkey offers you plenty of leeway. Their use of a monthly subscription plan with no long-term contracts means you aren’t required to invest hundreds of dollars from the get-go

How long is the Gleim EA exam?

Gleim EA Review more than prepares you with their Exam Rehearsal mode which simulates the real enrolled agent exam. Their test is 3.5 hours long and includes 100 multiple choice questions so you can practice your time management.

What is adaptive learning technology?

Adaptive Learning Technology - Surgent EA Review utilizes a smart learning algorithm that automatically identifies what you need to learn and what you already understand based on how you answer their multiple choice questions. This allows you to save time by not doubling up on your study time over concepts you already understand.

What is the most fully featured review course?

Lambers Enrolled Agent Review Course is the most fully featured review course, but it will cost you quadruple the other review courses if you want all of these features!#N#If you need classroom video lectures, flashcards, or MP3 audio lectures then I would recommend Lambers.#N#Otherwise I would keep looking...

What is Gleim EA exam?

Gleim Enrolled Agent Review Course is one of the most advanced prep courses currently available for EA candidates.# N#Dr. Gleim uses the same advanced technology as his CPA and CMA exam and applies it directly to his EA exam course. With the largest test bank currently available, I am confident that Gleim EA review course provides you with all you need to have to pass the EA exam on your first try.#N#If you are motivated and learn by doing thousands of multiple choice questions and essays, then I truly believe that Gleim Enrolled Agent Review is your best option for passing the EA exam on your first try!

What is Fast Forward Academy?

Fast Forward Academy is an education technology company whose EA Review Course is one of the most comprehensive tools for any aspiring Enrolled Agent. Thousands of Tax professionals all over the United States have trusted Fast Forward Academy to help them pass the EA exam with success.

How much does an EA review course cost?

The top-rated EA review courses usually come in three different tiers and range in price from $300 to $1,000. Fortunately, many of the high-priced packages offer financing through Affirm, so you can make monthly payments to better fit your budget.

What is the best online course for EA?

Currently, Surgent offers the best online prep course for the EA exam. They have an appealing combination of practice questions, video lectures, and adaptive learning technology at an affordable rate with frequent discounts and financing options.

What is Fast Forward Academy?

Fast Forward Academy offers digital enrolled agent flashcards for students to test their knowledge. The simple tool allows you to customize decks and study from a tablet, phone, or PC.

How long should I study for the EA exam?

Fast Forward Academy recommends that all EA exam candidates devote 3 to 4 months to studying. In that time, they recommend clocking between 40 and 160 study hours for each section of the exam to maximize the possibility of success.

Is CPA more valuable than EA?

Both EA and CPA credentials are extremely helpful in establishing a lucrative accounting and/or auditing career. However, CPAs make more money on average than EAs, which might make it more appealing to ambitious students. However, many CPAs opt to earn EA certification further down the line, since it opens up more career opportunities.

How much does an enrolled agent make?

According to Payscale, individuals who work as an Enrolled Agent make an average salary $50,000 annually. However, professionals that have passed an enrolled agent prep course and obtained the Enrolled Agent credential make $63,000 on average, which means earning this credential can open up more lucrative career opportunities.

Does Fast Forward Academy have a video course?

Although Fast Forward Academy offers a robust selection of media and resources, they have limited video courseware. The company does boast 45 videos with 10 hours worth of lectures, but in comparison to the competition, it is still lacking. That being said, they just added videos recently, so it may just take time to build a library.

How much does the wiseguides exam cost?

Low Price: Pay as little as $49 per exam section (90 days of access) or $79 for each part of the exam, or $237 for all three (12 months of access). The WiseGuides EA course includes access to all online features, practice questions and online exams, 1,500 digital flashcards and hard copy textbooks.

What is the surgent prep course?

Their enrolled agent exam prep curriculum includes a wide range of materials: lectures, practice questions, and virtual coaching . All of this is paired with an excellent adaptive learning program that ensures you’re always spending your time in the most productive way.

What is adaptive technology?

Adaptive Technology: Surgent believes in helping their customers study smarter, not harder. That’s why their course includes an adaptive learning system. This technology allows the course to shape itself around your strengths and weaknesses— meaning you aren’t forced to revisit subjects you already understand.

How much does Gleim cost?

Next is the Traditional course for $503, which adds the adaptive course technology and some audio lectures. Finally, the Premium course costs $598 and comes with a series of video lectures and instructor support.

Can you review Lambers EA?

Multiple Options for Review: Lambers EA review course offers students the option to review with audio lectures, video lectures, and an online workbook. The audio EA review course can be downloaded to your computer and then synced with iPods and other MP4 media players for convenient study while you exercise or commute.

Does Gleim have practice exams?

As I mentioned previously, Gleim’s course focuses heavily on content that realistically compares to the actual exam. This includes unlimited practice exams with detailed answer explanations. You’re free to prepare for the test on your own terms when you enroll in the course, but Gleim’s instructors recommend mimicking the actual exam conditions when using their practice tests.

Here's why more candidates are choosing Surgent EA Review

Our AI-powered personalized learning software assesses your knowledge of EA Exam content and generates personalized learning plans to get you ready to pass. Plus, it optimizes in real-time to ensure you stay on your fastest path to exam readiness.

EA Exam Study Tips and Resources

If you’re a tax professional, CPA, or career-changer looking to become an EA, you’ve likely heard of the IRS’s Special Enrollment Examination, or EA exam. This three-part exam is the key to becoming an EA and will help open doors for your tax career. With these 6 tips, you’ll learn how to pass the EA […]

What is Gleim EA Review?

The Gleim EA Review study planner is top-notch because it enables you add test dates and hours of availability before developing a detailed schedule of all your study sessions. The study planner keeps track of your study history and adapts as you add or remove blackout dates. Additionally, it emails or texts you about missed study sessions.

Why did I fail the EA exam?

There are several reasons why you might fail the EA exam. Maybe you didn’t study well enough, long enough, or with the right materials. If you do ever fail an exam part, you’ll probably be tempted to blame your review course right away. However, I advise you to thoroughly evaluate your own study habits first. Consequently, only when you can honestly say that you put all your effort into your studies, used the review course exactly as instructed, and still failed should you officially turn against your course. If you do need new EA exam prep, I recommend Surgent EA Review.

What is a video lecture?

Video lectures are video recordings of instructors teaching about the concepts and questions on the exam. When you incorporate video lectures into your review, you can process information faster, retain it longer, understand it better, and enjoy it more. Course. Video Lectures. Fast Forward Academy EA Review.

How many questions are asked in the Enrolled Agent exam?

The Enrolled Agent exam contains exactly 300 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) addressing 12 main content areas. These topics are fairly broad, so the exam questions could ask you about anything relating to them. To prepare for such general coverage of federal taxation, you must answer plenty of practice questions.

How many MCQs are in Gleim EA?

The Gleim EA test bank has more than 3,500 unique practice MCQs and detailed answer explanations for each. These explanations are crucial for helping you understand the reasoning behind each answer (both the correct and incorrect choices). Furthermore, these questions also recreate the format and functionality of the real exam questions better than any other test bank. This level of exam emulation lets you develop more confidence so you are prepared to pass the exam. Additionally, Gleim EA Review provides unlimited practice exams so you can study what you need and be fully prepared on exam day.

Is Lambers a good course?

Lambers is a highly affordable option, and it provides candidates with a comprehensive course. If you learn best by answering questions, reading textbooks, and quizzing yourself with flashcards, Lambers might be the perfect fit for you.

What is a surgent study plan?

Surgent’s course software creates a custom study plan once you’ve completed a series of quizzes. The study planner tool then helps you see exactly how many hours you must devote to your exam preparations. The study planner considers your exam date, specified study days, and knowledge levels to produce a tailored review agenda.

What is an EA exam?

The EA examination or the Special Enrollment Examination is necessary for people (other than certified public accountants and attorneys) who want to practice before the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Enrolled Agents are people enrolled to practice as taxpayers’ agents or legal representatives before the IRS. ...

What is the best agent prep course?

Gleim EA is considered to be the best Enrolled Agent Prep Course available on the market. It comes with 3 books and 3 Test Prep versions that can be acquired together or separately. Each book comes with its corresponding Test Prep and the authors are among the best professional educators in the niche.

What is Logix exam?

The Logix Enrolled Agent Exam Review guide is created by two tax professionals (one licensed EA and one CPA) and it was vetted by dozens of other tax professionals for accuracy and level of information. While it’s not the most comprehensive version of a prep book for the EA exam, it does offer a lot of useful data and concepts.

What is an enrolled agent?

Enrolled Agents are people enroll ed to practice as taxpayers’ agents or legal representatives before the IRS. They must demonstrate professional ethics and special competence in tax matters before they are accepted as EA and their work usually includes: Taking care of documents. Communication with the IRS.

What is the IRS Enrolled Agent exam?

The IRS Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide comes with everything you need to know, and the information is short, precise, and well-defined. However, if you compare it with the previous two guide versions we discussed, you’ll notice that some of the information is missing. So, while it covers all the topics you need, the explanations are not as comprehensive as one might want.

Is the EA exam hard?

We know the EA exam is difficult and that it involves a lot of stress, but with the right resources and enough time and dedication, it shouldn’t stop you from getting the career path you want.