what functions can a litigation presentation program serve. course hero

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What is Course Hero's policy on cheating and plagiarism?

Apr 18, 2020 · They can serve to improve your audience's understanding of the information you are conveying, Enhance audience memory and retention of the message, add variety and interest to your speech, Enhance your credibility as a speaker.

What is Course Hero’s academic integrity policy?

May 17, 2016 · Trial presentation programs allow the legal team to organize and control the documents, depositions, photographs, and other data as exhibits for trial, and then: display them as evidence when needed. Share this link with a friend:

What is Course Hero and how it works?

This presentation provides an introduction to litigation. It describes the litigation process from pre-trial to post-trial, offers guidance on the criminal litigation process, and describes relevant case studies. This presentation could be particularly useful in the context of training paralegals and other legal assistants. This presentation is intended for use but not modification without …

What is a course hero?

Course Hero is intended as a supplemental study resource , and using this site in any other manner violates both Course Hero’s Terms of Use and Honor Code. It is the member's responsibility to understand the academic integrity requirements at their institution to ensure that using online study resources such as Course Hero does not violate their ...

What are some examples of misuse?

Examples of misuse include but are not limited to: Copying and paste or use of content taken directly from Course Hero and submitting it as one’s own work. Uploading any contemporaneous recordings of a class or lecture given by an instructor. Using Course Hero study materials or tutors to complete tests or homework assignments when instructed not ...

Can you use Course Hero for cheating?

Using Course Hero study materials or tutors to complete tests or homework assignments when instructed not to use outside help. Using Course Hero in any manner that violates your instructor’s or institution's academic honor code. Using Course Hero for cheating or plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.

Can you get a course hero document on the spot?

The answer is NO! After uploading 5 documents, you will not get access to the free Course hero document on the spot. The document you will upload must get 5 unlocks or 5 thumbs rating. Once you get this rating or unlocks, then you can get one course hero unlock. Otherwise, you may not get access.

Can you access Course Hero books?

Accessing the documents or books from Coursehero is easy. At start you find everything exactly which you wanted, but when you proceed it gets blurred. You will want to access the full document as it is providing you with the proper material which you wanted. How can you get access to unblurred Course hero document? It costs much.