what county is bayou din golf course

by Mr. Dameon Gorczany DVM 6 min read

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Where is La Quinta Golf Resort?

Carved by time between some of the oldest and newest mountain ranges in North America lies La Quinta Resort & PGA WEST, a world famous golf resort just minutes from Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California. Challenge your game on 90 holes of championship golf designed by three golf legends.

Is Bayou Din a good golf course?

Bayou Din is what it is, an average course for the average guy. If you just want to sharpen your skills or practice, this is a good place to do that. My buddies and I are very unskilled golfers, so this course works well for us. We don't play as much as we used to in our younger years, so we don't play as well either. The staff is very good and friendly, and overall a good experience.