t which race course is the english grand national held?

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Aintree Racecourse

What is the website for the Grand National UK?

Mar 02, 2020 · The Grand National is the most famous jump race in the world and takes place at Aintree. Get tips, betting info, offers and news on the race now.

What is the Grand National horse race?

Hosting one of the biggest jump races in the world, Aintree Racecourse will welcome in excess of 152,000 spectators during the three day Grand National Festival in 2023. And all of those race goers will need tickets!

How long is the Grand National?

Apr 04, 2022 · The Grand National is held every year at Aintree, in Liverpool, England. When is the Grand National held? The Grand National will be held this …

How many runners are taking part in the Grand National?

Grand National, also called Grand National Handicap Steeplechase, British horse race held annually over the Aintree course, Liverpool, in late March or early April; it attracts more attention throughout the world than any other steeplechase.

Where is the English Grand National held?

Aintree Racecourse
Where is the Grand National? The Randox Grand National Festival traditionally takes place at Aintree Racecourse, which is just a few miles outside of Liverpool in North West England. Aintree Racecourse has hosted the Grand National Festival since 1839.

Where does the Grand National race take place?

Aintree Racecourse
Where does the Grand National take place? The Grand National takes place at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool.Apr 9, 2022

Is the Grand National at Cheltenham?

The Cheltenham Festival's Prestbury Park venue includes 28 races spanning over four days. The Grand National is only one race. Yet, those who care little for the sport of horse racing overlook the fact that Grand National is a part of a 3-day festival taking place on Merseyside.

Where is the Grand National Ireland?

Fairyhouse Racecourse
Fairyhouse Racecourse

Situated in the parish of Ratoath in County Meath. It is the home of the BoyleSports Irish Grand National. The first race meet was held in 1848. In 1870, the first Irish Grand National steeplechase was held here.

Which jockey has won the most Grand Nationals?

The most successful jockey in the past 50 years of Grand National history is Brian Fletcher, most well-known for riding Red Rum in two of his three National triumphs.

What date is the Grand National in 2022?

What date is the Grand National 2023?

Because beyond three days of world class racing, it's three days where people from every corner come together to write history. And from Thursday 13 April to Saturday 15 April 2023, you can be a part of it. Since 1839, this race has captured the hearts of people all over.

Has any horse won the Gold Cup and Grand National?

L'Escargot and Golden Miller are the only two horses to have won both the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National.

What horses are running in the Grand National 2022?


Where in Ireland is Fairyhouse Racecourse?

Where is Fairyhouse Racecourse located? Fairyhouse Racecourse is located approx. 20km from Dublin Airport and 25km from Dublin City Centre in the town of Ratoath, County Meath.

Which horse won the Irish Grand National?

Lord Lariat
Lord Lariat wins Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse to give trainer McLoughlin second successive victory - BBC Sport.Apr 18, 2022

Who trained brown lad?

Jim Dreaper

He also trained the winners of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Queen Mother Champion Chase and World Hurdle in 1975 with Ten Up, Lough Inagh and Brown Lad respectively.

What are some interesting facts about the Grand National?

Here are some top Grand National facts: 1 The class of Grand National entries has improved in line with the safety improvements. 2 Horses rated 148 and over have the best recent record in the race. 3 Following a run of three consecutive eleven-year-olds, horses aged 8 or 9 have won the last five renewals (as of 2020) 4 The last twelve-year-old to win was Amberleigh House in 2004. 5 Stamina is a key factor in finding the Grand National winner. All but one of the last time twelve winners had won at least once over three miles or further. 6 All of them had raced ten or more times over fences and at least three times during the current season. 7 It is part of the Grand National Festival which has nine grade one races as part of its programme, including the Aintree Bowl and Aintree Hurdle. The Grand National Festival is one of the major UK yearly sporting events with the infamous Ladies Day on the Friday. 8 Winning the Grand National is often years in the planning for owner, trainer and horse. 9 600 million people watch the race on TV across the globe. 10 Randox Health is the current sponsor of the race in 2021. 11 Many bookies offer a free bet or free bets on the Grand National when looking to attract new customers.

How many people watch the Grand National?

The Grand National itself is the most popular betting race of the year and is watched by a global TV audience of around 600 million people. Famous previous winners have included household names, including Red Rum (1973, 1974, 1977), Tiger Roll (2018. 2019) and Aldaniti (1981).

Who sponsors the 2021 Grand National?

The race is naturally one of the favourite races of the teams here at British Racecourses. The 2021 Grand National is sponsored by Randox and the likely favourite is Cloth Cap.

How many times has Gordon Elliott won the Grand National?

Gordon Elliott has now won the Grand National race on three occasions; Silver Birch (2007) and Tiger Roll (2018, 2019). He needs one more winner to equal the record shared by George Dockeray, Fred Rimell and Ginger McCain.

Where is the Randox Grand National?

It happens in Aintree, Merseyside in the UK every April. It is ran over 4 miles and 2 furlongs, with thirty large fences to be jumped. The most famous winner is 3 time winner – Red Rum. It is currently called the Randox Grand National, as it is sponsored by Randox Health.

Who rode Aldaniti to victory?

Aldaniti – A Heart-Warming Story. The Grand National produced another epic story In 1981 when Bob Champion rode Aldaniti to victory. Champion recovered from cancer to ride in the race while his mount had returned from a career-threatening injury.

When was the first Grand National race?

Aintree has been the home of the Grand National since its first running in 1839, and although a version of the race took place in years prior to this, 1839 is the accepted date of the official commencement of The Grand National. Since those early days, the course and fences have undergone many changes.

How many fences are there in the Grand National?

Of the 16 fences which make up the National course six of the jumps have become famous in their own right. Becher’s Brook, Valentines’ Brook, The Chair, Canal Turn and Foinavon are names which are known throughout the world. These fences are woven into the very fabric of the Grand National race. BECHER’S BROOKS.

When is Grand National 2022?

As you would expect, the prices above are for Saturday 9th April 2022, Grand National Day. But you will find that if you choose to go on either Grand National Thursday or Ladies Day, there is more availability and the ticket and hospitality prices are significantly lower.

How many spectators will be at Aintree Racecourse in 2022?

Hosting one of the biggest jump races in the world, Aintree Racecourse will welcome in excess of 152,000 spectators during the three day Grand National Festival in 2022. And all of those race goers will need tickets!

Where did steeplechase originate?

Often called the ‘Original Extreme Sport’ steeplechase races originated in Ireland. Legend has it that the first race was between Cornelius O’Callaghan and Edmund Blake as they raced from Buttevant Church to St. Leger Church, or from steeple to steeple, hence the term steeplechase.

What fence is Foinavon?

Officially fence 7 & 23, Foinavon is just 4ft 6in and apart from 1967 rarely does this fence trouble the jockeys. It accounts for just 2% of fallers.

How tall is Becher's Brook?

BECHER’S BROOKS. Becher’s Brook is the the 6th and 22nd fence in the Grand National. Standing at 4ft 10 inches the fence has a fearsome reputation due to the fact that the landing side of the fence is 10 inches lower than the take off side. Jockeys have compared it to “jumping off the edge of the world.”.

When is the Grand National?

Grand National, also called Grand National Handicap Steeplechase, British horse race held annually over the Aintree course, Liverpool, in late March or early April; it attracts more attention throughout the world than any other steeplechase.

When was the Boston Marathon first run?

The race was instituted in 1839 by William Lynn, a Liverpool innkeeper, and its present name was adopted in 1847. Britannica Quiz. Sports Firsts Through the Ages Quiz. In which year was the first Boston Marathon run?

Who was the first female jockey to win the Grand National?

Ran straight into the history books when partnered with Rachael Blackmore who became the first female jockey to win the Grand National. If the duo return for the Grand National 2022, expect them to go as the big favourites.

When is the 2022 Grand National?

The 2022 Grand National will be held at Aintree Racecourse on Saturday, April 9th at 5.15pm. Sponsored by Randox Health, it is a UK handicap steeplechase over 4 miles 514 yards with horses jumping 30 fences over two laps.

How old is the Irish Grand National 2022?

Was entered but didn’t make the cut for the National. But at just 7-years-old will definitely be back for the 2022 Grand National, especially as he also finished 2nd in the Irish Grand National in April.

How many fences are there in the 2022 Grand National?

The most famous fences of the Grand National. There are sixteen individual fences that need to be jumped in the 2022 Grand National, 14 of them twice as the race is run over two laps of the famous Aintree course.

How big is Foinavon?

Foinavon is 4 feet 6 inches and is one of the smallest fences on the course. It was named in 1984 after the 1967 winner who avoided a mêlée at the fence to go on and win the race at outside odds of 100/1.

How high is the Canal Turn?

The Canal Turn is 5 ft high and is known for it’s difficult 90-degree left turn immediately after landing. Jockey Richard Pitman said of this fence “you can win or lose a Grand National at the Canal Turn, because any length you can gain in the air is more economical than having to gallop it.”

How high is Becher's Brook?

Becher’s Brook is 5 feet high with the landing side between 6 inches and 10 inches lower than the takeoff side and is named after Captain Martin Becher who fell there in the first Grand National and took shelter in the small brook running along the landing side of the fence while the remainder of the field thundered over.

How many times has Red Rum won the Grand National?

Much of the celebrations surrounding this iconic horse came about only after he asserted his superiority by winning the Grand National three times.

Where is the Aintree Grand National 2021?

The Aintree Grand National is an annual famous event in the world of horse racing. The venue of this competition is the UK, Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool. More than 40 participants compete for the main trophy; competitions consist of three stages. The duration of the event is three days;

When is Grand National Day 2021?

Scheduled on April 6 for the 2021 event, this event is set to witness some of the greatest horses the world has seen.

What is Ladies Day?

Ladies Day. Aside from appreciating the fastest horses in the world, Ladies Day is also part of the three-day Grand National Festival and it is used to commemorate the stylish women at the event. The 2016 event witnessed as much as 5000 spectators.

When is Ladies Day 2021?

The 2021 Ladies Day is scheduled on April 7 when it will be one of the Grand National dates to remember.


The following British horse racing courses are in operation as of 2 August 2021:


There are two further racecourses in Britain that still exist, but are currently closed and do not operate any thoroughbred racing fixtures.


Through the centuries, racing has taken place at various courses throughout Britain which have since closed down. Some were very significant in their day and held major races which persist to this day.


Mortimer, Roger; Onslow, Richard; Willett, Peter (1978). Biographical Encyclopedia of British Flat Racing. Macdonald and Jane's. ISBN 0-354-08536-0.

Is the Grand National still in the UK?

The Football Mascot Grand National may now sadly be defunct – although the Mascot Gold Cup is still available for fans of people in furry suits – but there are plenty of “other” nationals which do still take place in the UK, including the following.

When was the first Grand National?

Where else to start than with the most famous horse race in the world. There are those who argue that the inaugural Grand National actually took place in 1836 , but the first edition recognised by the record books is the 1839 edition won by a horse going by the name of Lottery – pretty apt given the huge popularity in sweepstakes which now surround the event, and the common “anything can win” mantra. Run over two circuits of the famous Grand National course, and taking in thirty of the most famous fences in the game, this £1 million monster of a race is one of the single biggest events of the British sporting calendar.

How many racecourses are there in Ireland?

There are 26 racecourses in Ireland in all – but of that 26, only Down Royal and Downpatrick are located in Northern Ireland. The big event of the year at Downpatrick is this three mile, four and a half furlong contest first held in 1995.

How tall is the National Hunt fence?

A standard National Hunt fence will be around four feet six inches in height, however the Grand National obstacles reach up to five feet two inches, and have additional difficulties such as the differences in height on the take-off and landing sides – as demonstrated by the Chair and Becher’s Brook – or the challenge of jumping whilst rounding a corner which is provided by Canal Turn.

When was Market Rasen first run?

First run in, 1997 , this Class 3, three mile, three and a half furlong handicap features 19 fences.

When did FFOs Las open?

Having only first opened its doors in 2009, Ffos Las is one of the newer racecourses in the British Isles. It didn’t take the Carmarthenshire venue long to join in with the “National” fun though, with the track having staged the West Wales National since its inaugural running in 2013.

Grand National 2021 Winners

Young chaser that is certainly going the right way. Comes from the Irish yard of Henry De Bromhead, who are still looking for their first win in this race, but you feel it won’t be long before they do. Stamina to prove over this sort of trip and first run over these National-style fences. Yet another owned by JP McManus.

Grand National Tips

We are advocates of learning lessons from the past when trying to find the winners of the future. Experience counts in the Grand National and 20 of the last 26 winners were aged either 9, 10 or 11. In that period there have also been four eight-year-old and two twelve-year-old winner.

Aintree Grand National Course

For those wanting to see this magnificent event live next year, we have all of the information you’ll need to make the most of your visit to Aintree, including information on getting to the racecourse, ticket details, and a summary of all of the enclosures and facilities, many of which have been significantly upgraded in recent seasons.

Virtual Grand National 2021

The perfect way to set the scene for the Grand National in 2021 will be the Virtual Grand National. The computer-generated race will be aired once again on ITV this year on the day before the big race itself. It will give an interesting insight into how the big race could play out itself.