putt putt golf course where you can drink

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How long is a mini golf hole?

What color are putt putts?

9 Hole Putt Putt Golf Rental for all ages and parties.

Rent a 9 Hole Putt-Putt Golf game and get it delivered! You can play regardless of weather (indoors or outdoors) or skill level of guest.Perfect for carnival game or pair up with our other 8 holes for a 9 hole Putt Putt Golf Course!


Our two 18-hole putting courses designed by Tiger Woods and TGR Design will test your ability to not only dominate the course but also your competition. Our app automatically tracks your score so you can see how you stack up.


We know the key to your heart is through your tastebuds. Our team has created a menu with our spin on everyone’s favorites. You can eat in our full service restaurant and bar or we can deliver it right to you on the course.


You’re PopStroke VIP, so party like one. With our unique golfing experience and customizable food and drink packages, PopStroke is the perfect place to entertain colleagues, friends or yourself. Come to celebrate or just because.


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How long is a mini golf hole?

The holes on our standard mini golf courses are at least 18 feet in length. What that means is from the tee to hole, the ball will travel at least 18 feet. While we do have holes that players can try to get a Hole In 1, many of our holes are par 3 & par 4.

What color are putt putts?

Putt Putt courses provide different color options. Courses can have holes that are all green or red.