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by Carlie Orn 9 min read

Many Policy Violations Are Driven by Stress, Not Desire to Harm

We asked more than 330 remote employees from a wide range of industries to self-report on both their daily stress levels and their adherence to cybersecurity policies over the course of two weeks.

Job Design and Cybersecurity Are Intertwined

It’s common to think of security as secondary to productivity. In normal times, that’s not necessarily a problem, as employees are likely to have the resources to devote sufficient energy to both.

Hackers Take Advantage of Altruism

Most managers would say it’s a good thing if their employees want to help one another. But unfortunately, altruism can come at a cost: In our study, around 18% of policy violations were motivated by a desire to help a coworker.

What is Pedidosya security?

PedidosYa needed a flexible security solution that could detect outliers, automate threat detection, and provide visibility into their security posture. The team’s previous threat detection workflow involved manually creating firewall detection rules for each domain, which was time consuming and required maintenance.

How does Datadog help Pedidosya?

Datadog played an important role in securing PedidosYa by detecting outliers and malicious patterns in real time. The security team was able to create customized rules in our simple rules editor—without using a query language. These rules require minimal setup and maintenance, and they also apply to all of PedidosYa’s domains automatically, which has dramatically accelerated their workflow.

What is pedidosya?

Founded in 2009, PedidosYa is a member of the Delivery Hero group and the market leader for online food ordering in Latin America. With an innovative web and mobile app, PedidosYa gives users access to 12,000 restaurants across six countries in the region.