how to delete a document in course hero

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How To Delete Course Hero Document Press How To Delete Uploaded Document In Coursehero XpCourse Press Press the Delete button at the bottom of the Document details pane (see Graphic 3). Graphic 3. Press Delete 4. Press the Delete document button in the confirmation modal window.

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How do I remove a document I’ve uploaded to Course Hero?

When you sign up with Course Hero, you agree to grant us a perpetual and irrevocable license to your Submissions (see our Terms of Use). ...

How do I Close my Course Hero account?

Oct 07, 2011 · Posted: (7 days ago) delete course hero documents Posted: (10 days ago) Oct 07, 2011 · To delete one document, click on the menu option located to the right of the document, and select Delete. Course Detail Course View All Course.

How to remove blur from Course Hero?

Oct 07, 2011 · Graphic How To Delete Uploaded Document In Coursehero - XpCourse Online In the tab that opens, press the Show details button to review the document information (see Graphic 2). Verify that it is the correct document. If not, return to the document list. Graphic 2. Press Show details.

Why can't I see the full images on Course Hero?

Delete Uploaded Documents In Course Hero Courses 03/2022. 2 hours ago delete uploaded documents in course hero courses provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, delete uploaded documents in course hero courses will not only be a place to …


How do you delete documents on Course Hero?

If you believe the identified content infringes your intellectual property rights, please submit a complete request through our Copyright Infringement Notification form, located at

How do you delete uploaded documents?

Click on File list tab. If you are removing a document, note the URL of the document for creating a redirect. If you are removing an image you can skip this step. In the Actions column, select the Delete link for the file or image to be deleted.

Can I delete my question on Course Hero?

Click the My Questions tab. Go to the question you'd like to cancel and click Cancel. Select the reason for cancellation.

Is uploading documents to Course Hero illegal?

It is not illegal to upload papers or essays to Course Hero if the files belong to you and you own the copyright. As the copyright owner, you do not violate any laws. However, if you do not have the right to the file, you should seek permission from the owner lest you face legal issues for using the content.May 27, 2021

How do you delete a PDF file?

Deleting PDFs To quickly find a PDF, search for the filename in Windows or macOS. Then navigate to the found folder, right-click the PDF file, and choose Delete (Windows) or Move to Trash (macOS).Aug 25, 2021

How do you delete the PDF file in the website?

Select the document from which you want to remove PDF pages. Sign in after Acrobat uploads the file. Highlight the page thumbnail or thumbnails you want to delete from your PDF. Click the trashcan icon in the top toolbar to delete the selected PDF pages.

What happens if you cancel a question on Course Hero?

It's against Course Hero's policy to post the exact same Question twice in succession. It is your responsibility to ensure questions are only posted and answered once. If a question is not answered or cancelled before it is answered you may re-post the question, only after the other question has expired or cancelled.

What happens if I deactivate my Course Hero account?

When you sign up to use Course Hero, you agree to our Terms of Use. If you choose to delete your account, the documents you've uploaded remain on Course Hero in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Can we edit answer in Course Hero?

Answer: As a tutor, it is not possible delete question answered in course hero. You can only do so by contacting the course hero support. A tutor can not delete an answer once it ism posted.

Can professors see if you use Course Hero?

You also can't track who is using Course Hero. Often, notes are posted anonymously, so the individual who posted them cannot be tracked down. This means that it's harder to punish those who are blatantly cheating or difficult to tell if the resources available can really be trusted.

Is using Course Hero cheating?

Taking advantage of Course Hero's resources to supplement your studies, enhance your understanding of a topic, or expand your resume skills is not cheating. Taking the initiative to get the help you need or explore new topics is important and critical for future success.

How do you Unblur text on Course Hero?

You can also use 'Ctrl + F' and search for keywords “obscured” or “hide” if you don't find the div tag right away. Then, right-click on the tag and select 'Edit Attribute' from the menu. Type 'none' for the new 'class' element and press the 'Enter' key. The blurred document from Course Hero should unblur.Mar 12, 2021

How do I remove content from Course Hero?

How do I remove content from Course Hero? Course Hero requires that content be uploaded by the content creator/copyright holder. If you believe tha...

How do I close or deactivate my course hero account?

To delete your account:Log in to your Coursera accountClick your name in the top-right to open a drop-down menu.Select Settings in the menu.Scroll...

How do I delete a course?

Delete a course On the My Courses page, select Details for the course you want to delete. Select Edit course details on the course details page. Se...

How can we delete the created course?

You can delete a Google Classroom class once it's over or canceled.Before you can delete a Google Classroom class, you'll need to "Archive" it, whi...

How to unblur Course Hero?

How to Unblur Course Hero DocumentsMethod 1: Activating a subscription. The first and the easiest method is purchasing a course hero subscription....

How do I delete all of my Documents?

Click on “My Documents” from the left navigation panel. You can view all your files and folders in the dashboard. Click on "Delete" icon to remove...

How do I delete documents from the cloud?

Just open the cloud desktop folder you want to remove sensitive data from and select the files(s), or even folder(s) you want to erase permanently....

Can I delete a document?

Click on the Edit icon for the section you are working in. Click on the Document link from the left side of your screen. Click on the Delete File i...