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How to edit a Moodle course?

Apr 21, 2020 · Choose the Moodle course category and course which you want to modify. Step 3: Click on ‘Gear icon’ to edit the course Click on ‘Gear icon’ from the list of icons under the course title. Then the following form – Edit course settings – will open up. Make necessary changes wherever you want to in this general info.

How do I change the start date of my course?

Sep 20, 2006 · open moodle.php file and u should be able to change the filename there. should be in lang\en_utf8\moodle.php then just change the relevant strings accordingly such as: $string['mycourses'] = 'My courses'; $string['mycourses'] = 'yourinfo'; hope that helps.

How do I edit a course on the website?

Aug 30, 2007 · Put a file called externservercourse.php inside the coursedirectory of your moodle installation. Inside this /course/externservercourse.php place a function which returns the complete url for the outside moodle site, based on the course object passed to it. (You can use shortname or id if you like) Name the function extern_server_course. (Why different names …

How to change the title of my courses and available courses?

Feb 02, 2018 · Try it by following these easy steps: Go to your course with the editing off. Click into an existing activity – for example a forum or assignment. You’ll see a cogwheel icon to the right. Click it and it will display for you many useful editing options. Another time saver! Want to know more about editing your course?

How do I change course settings in Moodle?

Important Settings for your Moodle CourseIn the menu bar at the top of your course page, select the Course Management button (gear icon ). ... Under Course Settings, select Edit course settings. ... On the Edit course settings page, you see the various settings for your course.More items...

How do I manage a course in Moodle?

To access the Course settings page, click Edit settings in the Administration block. 2. Click Expand all to expand each of the sections and reveal the options. Make the appropriate settings changes in each section as described below.

Where is the course management button in Moodle?

To get to this block's global setting options, at the site page, click to 'Modules'>'Blocks'>'Course Management'.Sep 22, 2021

How do I change a class date in Moodle?

To change a Moodle course's end date, select the gear icon in the top-right and select Edit settings > General > Course start date / Course end date.Jul 2, 2021

How do I organize my courses on Moodle?

Organize Your Moodle Course PageCustomize Course Image.Avoid Unnecessary Content on your Course Page.Customize Section Names.Provide Summary text for course Sections.Add Text in a Label.Give Resources and Activities Concise, Informative Names.Indent Items in Course Sections to Create an Outline Form.More items...

How do I edit course summary in Moodle?

Click the edit icon opposite the teacher role. Change any/all of the capabilities moodle/course:changefullname, moodle/course:changeshortname, moodle/course:changeidnumber, moodle/course:changecategory, moodle/course:changesummary from allow to not set. Click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the page.Oct 25, 2019

How do I access Moodle settings?

0:313:30Restrict Access Settings in Moodle - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFor your forum. Activity. You will find the restrict access settings. Almost at the bottom of theMoreFor your forum. Activity. You will find the restrict access settings. Almost at the bottom of the page to restrict access based on time frame enable allow access from and set the date.

How do I add a course administrator in Moodle?

Assigning the Role of Manager at the Category LevelGo to Site administration > Courses > Add/edit courses.Select a category > Edit this category.In Administration block: Assign roles > Manager > (select user) Add.

How do I customize my Moodle page?

You can change this so that they go to the Site home (front page) if you prefer.Log in with your administrator account.From the left panel (the Navigation drawer) click Site administration.Click the Appearance tab.Click Navigation.Change the Home page for users to Site.Nov 12, 2021

How do I change the date and time in Moodle?

Log in to Moodle and select Course Management (black gear icon, top right), the Course Management panel will open. On the Course Management panel, under Course Settings select Edit dates. The Edit dates page will open.

How do you change the time on Moodle?

0:071:20How to change your time zone in Moodle - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSelect edit profile under the user accounts. And scroll down till you can see time zone the defaultMoreSelect edit profile under the user accounts. And scroll down till you can see time zone the default is Europe London. You can select it and change it to anywhere in the world.

What is a label in Moodle?

A label serves as a spacer on a Moodle course page.It can be used to add text,images, multimedia or code in between other resources in the different sections. It is a very versatile resource and can help to improve the appearance of a course if used thoughtfully.Sep 17, 2020

What is the ID number?

The ID number is an alphanumeric field. It has several potential uses. Generally, it is not displayed to students. However, it can be used to match this course against an external system's ID, as your course catalogue ID or can be used in the certificate module as a printed field.

Can you see your grade if you don't use graded activities?

If your course doesn't use graded activities, it makes sense to disable this . If grades are used and this link is disabled, students can still see their grade from the actual activity itself, such as an assignment. Show activity reports. Here you can decide whether to show students their activity reports.

How to change the title "My courses" and "Available Courses"?

I would like to change the title " My courses " and " Available Courses ", for student and admin after login, to something like "Selected Course".

Re: How to change the title "My courses" and "Available Courses"?

open moodle.php file and u should be able to change the filename there.

Re: How to change the title "My courses" and "Available Courses"?

Hi, The easiest way to change text in Moodle is via Administration >> Configuration >> Language >> Edit strings. Please see for further details.

Re: How to change the title "My courses" and "Available Courses"?

As Helen mentions, it is easier to do this within Moodle rather than trying to find the string and modify it in the code. Check out Language_customization which allows you to change any string. Peace - Anthony

How to change Course link?

I have set-up 9 teachers with all their courses. But, two of the teachers want to use their pre-existing web sites (not connected to our moodle).

Re: How to change Course link?

Put a file called externservercourse.php inside the course directory of your moodle installation.

Re: How to change Course link?

Now I also use this method for create several entries in course list for the same course with moodle 1.8.2.

Re: How to change Course link?

Did you have to do anything other than add the file externservercourse.php to get this to work in Moodle 1.82?

How to change start date in Moodle?

Changing the Course Start Date 1 Login to Moodle. 2 Click on the course for which you wish to change the weekly dates. 3 On the main page of your course, look for the ‘Edit’ icon to the right of the name of the course. It looks like a gray gear with a small arrow pointed down just to the right of the gear. Click on the gear to drop-down the administration settings. 4 Select the first “Edit settings” option. 5 On the “Edit Course Settings” page, look in the first section labelled “General.” The fourth item down is the “Course start date” setting. 6 Adjust the setting to your liking. If you click on the small gray calendar icon, a calendar will pop up and you can select the date from there. 7 Scroll down to the bottom of the “Course Settings” page. Click the “Save and display” button. 8 Now your weekly dates will update accordingly (assuming none of the dates have been manually overridden).

When does Moodle run weekly?

So if you are leading a course in the WEEKLY academic session and that session begins on a Tuesday, the weekly dates in Moodle will run from Tuesday to Monday, starting with that first Tuesday of the session. There are two ways to change these dates.

How to override a week in Outlook?

Scroll down to the week whose date range you wish to override. Click on the small gray pencil to the right of the date range you wish to override. Type in your new text. Click ‘Enter’ to save the text and ‘Escape’ to not make the changes. Once you click ‘Enter’, your weekly/topic section name is now overridden.

What happens if you move a section that you have overridden?

You will notice that when you move a section where you have overridden the section name, the name for the section does not change. Whereas if you move a week where you have not overridden the section name, the dates will adjust accordingly.




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  • An administrator can set course default settings in Administration > Site administration > Courses > Course default settings. The maximum number of weeks/topics may be set for all courses on the site. The default value is 52.
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