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How Much Does it Cost to Take an Online Course? The most common price range for online courses is $50 to $100 USD. Most learning platforms offer one or more free courses. Not counting sales & discounts, the price range of paid courses was $9.99 to $5,652.99.

In 2021, 1 hour of learning content can take around 100 – 160 hours to create. In 2021, 1 hour of learning content can cost about $8,542 – $36,320 ($22,431 on average).
Wrapping Up.
Year1 hour of eLearning content costs, $
20208,150 – 36,205 (22,178 on average)
20197,830 – 37,365 (22,598 on average)
2 more rows
Jun 20, 2020

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What is the average cost of an online course?

Nov 05, 2021 · Out of 12,818 creators, the average price of a creator’s first online course sale is $157. The median selling price of a creator’s first online course is $89. The mode value of a creator’s first online course price is $97. The standard deviation for an online creator’s first course price is 185.

What is the average cost of online classes?

Jun 20, 2020 · In 2021, 1 hour of learning content can cost about $8,542 – $36,320 ($22,431 on average). In the table below, you can see how numbers evolve during the last couple of years. We observe a rapid increase in costs for 1-hour complete learning content during the 2017-2020 years. Year. 1 hour of eLearning content costs, $.

How much does it cost to develop an online course?

Mar 01, 2022 · So considering all the budgeting mentioned above, the total budget that you must keep in mind for developing an online course can be as low as $1750. But if you are planning to create the highest quality online course, then your budget should be around $4700.

What is the average cost of an online degree?

Jun 05, 2020 · The most common price range for online courses is $50 to $100 USD. Most learning platforms offer one or more free courses. Not counting sales & discounts, the price range of paid courses was $9.99 to $5,652.99. Of the online courses I …

What is online course development?

Online course development is a complex process, and the price of course creation can vary depending on learning platform, course content, eLearning industry, and other factors. If you want to get a detailed cost analysis research for your eLearning project, pleasefeel free to schedule a demo. Tweet#N# .

How long has Sergiy been in eLearning?

Sergiy has 18 years of experience in eLearning and management. Creating educational programs, career paths, online and offline courses he is making the educational world better as a co-founder of RG.

How long is an online course?

Most complete online courses are at least an hour long. If you’re planning for your course to be 3 hours then you can take the 1 hour time estimate and multiple it out by 3 to give you your approximate costs. So I’ll stick with one hour of video course content for this case study.

What is online course development?

Online course development specifically includes the cost to create the course content. That's why in this article, I won't cover the costs to host and manage an online course or the costs for best online course platforms. Instead, I'll just cover the costs for developing the course itself.

What software can you use to make an animation?

Fortunately, in this day and age there are many options to help you shortcut this. One software you can use to get an animated effect is Powtoon.

How long does it take to make a video script?

No matter which type of video you’re creating, you’ll start with the outline and script creation first. I estimate it will take 3 to 10 hours to script out 1 hour of video depending on the level of detail you’re including and your expertise of the subject matter.

Can you read a script without a script?

It's smart to polish up your script. If you want , you can read the script like a voice over in your video. Otherwise, depending on your speaking ability, you may be able to speak without a script.

What is live action video?

Live-Action Videos. This is a video where you’re filming live-action. Live-action can include you in the video, your hands, or you can move objects around and film them as you go. The main point with live-action is that it’s not your screen and it’s not an animated video. Instead, it’s live objects or an instructor.

How much should I spend on software?

You will likely need to spend $400 on software especially if you're creating slide show presentations or even just screen recordings. It's possible to spend less with cheaper software or monthly software you cancel after you no longer need it.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Course

Find out how much does it cost to develop an online course, what should you consider in the cost of online course development and other budgeting tips.

How Much Will Developing An Online Course Cost You?

There are different factors that will come into play when determining the cost of developing an online course.

What Should You Consider In Developing An Online Course?

Now that you have enlisted the freelancers that you want to work with, the next step is to plan your online course.


We really hope this article proved useful and gave you a clear image of the amount you need to reserve for your online course development.

Why is online learning better than traditional learning?

Even better, the benefits offered by online courses include increased student engagement, the opportunity for peer review and collaboration, and the promise of individualized attention , even in large classrooms. There are many reasons to embrace e-learning, ...

How much will the e-learning market be in 2025?

eLearning is going to play an ever-larger role in the future of higher education. In fact, by 2025, the e-learning market will reach $325 billion. That’s more than four times the traditional higher-education market. Even better, the benefits offered by online courses include increased student engagement, ...

What is learning management system?

Before pricing out any other aspect of course creation, you’ll need to select a learning management system (LMS). This software manages the delivery of course materials and monitors student completion. Because it is the main framework that students and teachers will interact with, it’s important to thoughtfully select a system that meets your needs. Each system has different features and functions that will dictate the kind of content you can offer and the supplemental tools you may need to purchase.#N#While it might be tempting to build your own LMS in-house to perfectly suit your specifications, doing so would be very expensive and time-intensive. Considering the lower price points of many LMS systems, it’s much more cost-effective to shop around for a ready-made solution.#N#There are several different types of learning management systems geared to higher education.

Is LMS free?

An open-source LMS is Easy to obtain and typically free, or free at a base level, with paid add-ons. Some of the most established options are Moodle and Sakai. A benefit to open-source learning management systems is that users have access to the source code, so they may adapt the software any way they like.

What is the Average Cost to Take an Online Course?

The most common price range for online courses is $50 to $100 USD. The majority of online courses cost less than $100 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Online Course Prices

A: The majority of online courses cost less than $100 USD. Online courses range in price from free to several thousand dollars per course and every price in-between.

Differences Between Free, Cheap, Normal and Expensive Online Courses

Unfortunately some paid courses are worse than some free courses. At the end of the day, the price of a course is only one potential gauge of the quality of the course.

Should I Buy a Course Now or Wait For It To Go On Sale?

It can be tough to justify buying a course on Udemy at full price because it’s likely to be 70% off or more in the next sale.

Why Some Free Course Are Better Than Some Paid Courses

The quality of a course cannot be adequately judged by the cost of the course alone.

How much does an associates degree cost at SNHU?

For a 60-credit online associate degree at SNHU, the total cost is $19,200. At just $320 per credit hour, SNHU offers one of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation. However, many students are able to decrease the amount they pay by transferring credits from other institutions that they’ve previously attended.

How many credits does SNHU take?

The more credits that are accepted into your program at SNHU, the less you’ll have to pay in tuition. And because SNHU takes up to 45 credits toward your associate degree, you may have the opportunity to finish your degree in just a few terms – saving you both time and money.

How much does Coursera Plus cost?

Coursera Plus is for those looking to get unlimited access to a large portion of Coursera’s huge library. This will cost you $399 per year. Finally, those looking to save some money with university tuition can course a bachelor’s or master’s degree at Coursera.

How many courses are there in Coursera?

Coursera Specializations are a collection of about 3 to 10 courses around one same topic. For example, the ‘Applied Data Science with Python’ bundle organized by the University of Michigan breaks down into 4 courses:

What is Coursera for?

Coursera is a leading elearning platform where you can find thousands of courses from over 200 leading universities (e.g. Duke) and companies (e.g. Google) with hundreds of free courses. Some (paid) courses will award students with accredited certificates upon completion.

How long does it take to get a refund from Coursera?

Coursera Refunds. Refunds at Coursera are possible within 2 weeks of your payment , if this time has already passed your refund will be denied. Note that if you have earned a certificate for a course you won’t be able to refund it either.

Does Coursera have a certificate?

No certificate: With the free version of the course you won’t have a completion certificate, something important if you are after an official recognition. No access to assignments: Another typical limitation of Coursera freebies is that you won’t have access to the assignments of the course.

Can I access Coursera for free?

Access Coursera courses for free. Coursera calls this free version the ‘Audit’ option, effectively it means you can just get access to most of the course content (e.g. all the lectures) and follow along without being able to get a certificate once you’ve finished the course.

Do you get a certificate for each course you take?

And by the way, yes you will be given a certificate for each course that you complete. You can potentially earn dozens of certificates if you chain yourself to your desk. The only learning programs that aren’t included in the Coursera Plus subscription are the degrees and MasterTrack Certificates.


Decisions Related to Online Course Development

  • The first decision you need to make to begin figuring out the costs is the type of content you’re creating. Will your online course consist of multimedia like video with audio, one or the other, or text-based? Video with audio is the most popular format for an online course. Most courses consist of videos with a menu to navigate the course. Sometim...
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One-Time Costs vs Time Related Costs

  • There are a few different types of costs involved in creating online courses. The first set of costs are your one-time costs for software or equipment. You can re-use equipment or sometimes rent equipment to save money. We’ll get into the one-time costs later. Costs that are more difficult to measure are time-related costs. Obviously, if you’re paying an instructional designer to create yo…
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How Long to Create An Hour of video?

  • Let’s start by going through an estimate of how long it takes to create that one hour of video. But before we can get to our video time estimate, we need to consider what kind of video we’re going to create. Will it be a live-action, screen recording, or animation-style video?
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Visual Video Decisions

  • There are decisions you need to make depending on what type of video you’re creating; live-action, screen recording, or animations. I’ve got a few pathways here depending on the type of video you’re creating. What you’re doing here is deciding on the visuals for your videos.
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Voice Over vs Live Action Audio

  • Depending on what type of video you’re doing, once your visuals are ready you need to record your audio …
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Estimate Considerations

  • As you can see, live-action takes less time to do. The time can vary based on the amount of practice you do and how many breaks you need between takes. Of course, if you’re recording yourself giving a slideshow presentation, you need to create that presentation and record it live. So that will take even longer! The thing is, these estimates are just for one hour. But if your cours…
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Supplemental Material

  • As explained above, I suggest creating an add-on to go along with the video. This takes extra time, but it will greatly enhance the value of your course. You can include a quiz (even 12 questions covering 1 hour of video will work). Quizzes or assessments make the most sense when you’re covering a difficult educational concept. For each module in my course, I created a short quiz. If …
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Time Estimates For 1 Hour of Video and Supplemental Material

  • Here’s the total time estimate for both the video training and the supplemental material production: Use this to help you figure out the time it will take you and estimate the costs involved.
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Costs For One-Time Physical Equipment

  • Now here’s where everyone will start incurring costs unless you already have all this equipment. First of all, you need a computer, but it doesn’t need to be anything super fancy. Hopefully, you already have access to a computer (a desktop or laptop will work). There’s so much variety in computer costs that it’s hard to estimate. Most people already have a computer (or access to on…
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One-Time Costs For Software

  • In addition to the physical equipment, you’ll need software. Once again, it’s different whether you’re doing presentation-style videos or live action videos which I’ll cover below.
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Choosing A Learning Management System

Do You Need An authoring Tool?

Creating Course Content

Video Production Costs

Technical Support For Students and Teachers

So How Much Does It Cost to Develop An Online Course? It Depends on Your Goals

  • If you started this piece hoping to come away with a solid quote for creating an online course, you may be disappointed. In truth, an online course costs as much as you’re willing to spend. If, for example, you used a cloud-based LMS like Eduflow, don’t need an authoring tool, don’t produce videos and create your content in-house, you might be able...
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