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There needs to be an understanding of when equality is the answer and when equity is the answer

I spend more time than I should reading comments on relationship and dating questions online. While I have learned not to respond to every single one, I do pay attention to patterns.

Equity means being fair and impartial

How does that differ from equality? Because equality overlooks the differences between the individuals involved and gives them the same amount despite their individual barriers or challenges.

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The Importance of Relationships in Business is Overlooked

Social media channels have opened up the floodgates when it comes to connecting with people from all over the globe. You now have access to key influencers, leaders, prospects at your fingertips.

The Relationship Equity Formula in a Nutshell

The Relationship Equity Formula is a set of easy to apply connection principles that break barriers of race, ethnicity, and religion. It’s about human to human connections for the greater good of society.

The Bond Between Relationship Equity and Healthcare Innovation

There's a strong bond between the relationship equity formula and healthcare innovation. Especially when it comes to the current speed of adoption within healthcare. It has everything to do with technology utilization, new leadership initiatives, workflow improvements and how providers engage with patients across various healthcare settings.

Final Thoughts

Forget about cryptocurrencies. Moving ahead, the currency of the future is relationship equity.

How Did The Bill Of Rights Influence The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta, signed in 1215, mainly secured liberties for England’s elite classes, but it has helped the fundamental principles of common law in constitutions around the world. The Magna Carta's influence on the constitution allowed specific rights from it be included in the US Constitution's Bill of Rights.

Bend Sinister Summary

In the beginning of the United States, Property Rights were the most protected rights. This was because many Americans asserted that persons responsible for state and national constitutions were to be committed to protecting Property Rights, as this was the most important part of securing their national freedom.

The Magna Carta Influence

Freedom of speech and the press ensures that the government does not become corrupt. Unity and having a voice was important to Englishmen who wrote the Magna Carta, and has become the base for American democracy today. In conclusion, the Magna Carta has had a profound impact on democracy.

Essay On The Second Amendment

A Yale Law Journal author wrote an academic article on this issue.

Declaration Of Independence Summary

The United States had a long drive toward their independence, they lost many people had had to live to a lot of hardship till they reached that point. In the article The Declaration of Independence, the representatives of the united states of America writes to the Monarch of Great Britain.

What Role Did Virtual Representation Play In The Revolutionary War

Many scholars believe that the French and Indian War was the turning point that led to a downhill spiral of the relationship between the American Colonies and Great Britain. After this war, the British were more strict on the colonies in many ways.

Comparing English Bill Of Rights And Thomas Paine's Common Sense

Both the English Bill of Rights and Thomas Paine's Common Sense displayed interesting and creditable views regarding how to develop and maintain a well-functioning society through a well-structured government.