a group to which a consumer does not want to belong is called a(n) _____ group. course hero

by Nellie Abshire 7 min read

How much more positive are social shoppers than the average person?

Social shoppers have a 24% more positive response to conversations than the average person. They are about twice as likely to interact with brands online or through text messages as the average person. This group is also open to mailings and in-store marketing.

Why are lifestyle junkies less interested in sponsorship?

Randall says this is because the sponsorship vehicles noticed by this group tend to be those around the consumers’ favourite TV shows, where they are seen as a hindrance to accessing the content.

Do introverts fit neatly into any demographic segment?

The detached introvert does not fit neatly into any one standard demographic segment, claims the research. The group has a very slight male bias but contains members from all walks of life. The introverts do tend to be less present online than other consumers, however.