when will my course update in webcampus unlv

by Jennie Pfeffer 8 min read

New Features For All Users

Microsoft Immersive Reader Date Available: October 16, 2021 Tools Affected: Assignments, Course Home Page, Syllabus Resources: Microsoft Immersive Reader Feature Video Description: Microsoft Immersive Reader enhances your reading experience by improving accessiblity and boosting reading comprehension and can be enabled in User Settings within Canvas by clicking on Account> Settings.

New Features For Instructors Only

Gradebook Assignment Search Date Available: October 16, 2021 Tools Affected: Gradebook Resources: Gradebook Assignment Search Video Description: An option to search for a specific assignment will be added to the gradebook.

Features that were enabled Summer 2021 (click to expand)

Description: A new online submission type, Student Annotation, was added to Canvas. With this feature, students can annotate a file uploaded by an instructor. The annotated document is submitted as the student's assignment submission. Canvas recommends using another online entry type for students who may not be able to annotate a document.

Features that were enabled on March 20, 2021 (click to expand)

Description: Files linked in the Rich Content Editor can be previewed in an overlay or inline. This change allows you to control the display of the file preview. Previously, all file previews opened in a new browser tab. The Display Options will appear when inserting a link to a file using the Rich Content Editor.

Features that were enabled on December 22, 2020 (click to expand)

Description: The New Rich Content Editor (RCE) is an update to the previous Canvas RCE. The new RCE provides a condensed, more intuitive toolbar that is grouped by common icons and interactions.

Features that were enabled on July 10, 2020 (click to expand)

Description: Users can customize notifications for an individual course they are enrolled in. You will have the option to either turn off all notifications for the course or manage notifications for specific course features, including the frequency in which you receive those notifications.

New Features in WebCampus, Webex, and Panopto

Since the end of the spring 2021 semester, multiple new features and improvements have been made to UNLV’s e-learning systems.

WebCampus start of semester checklist and course availability

For useful tips on making sure courses and your devices are ready for the new semester, please review the instructor start of semester checklist or the student start of semester checklist .

Resources and support

The WebCampus support site contains useful tipsheets, quick guides, training and information on how to get help with WebCampus. You can self-enroll in on-demand/online training orientation courses or register for virtual workshops. In-person open labs for instructors will resume Aug.17.