when did grandview golf course closed?

by Wilson Wiza V 4 min read

July 6, 2016

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What happened at Grandview golf course?

More than two years after an incident at Grandview Golf Course pushed York County into the national spotlight, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has closed the discrimination case.

Is Grand View Golf Club in Pittsburgh the same as York?

Another course — also called the Grand View Golf Club but located outside Pittsburgh — has worked to separate itself from its similarly named newsmaker. A local TV station, KDKA, reported that the Pittsburgh course has been “bombarded with threatening phone calls” and online messages by people who have confused it for the York course.

What was the incident at Grandview Park in Pennsylvania?

On Wednesday, Hughes sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission requesting an investigation into the incident at Grandview. In the letter, Hughes states that the “women believe they were asked to leave the course because of their race and gender.” A woman was tackled by officers at an Alabama Waffle House.

What did Tom Wolf say about Grandview?

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D), along with the state’s Human Relations Commission and the Governor’s Advisory Commission on African American Affairs, issued a statement Thursday condemning racial discrimination in public places, including the arrests of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks and the incident at Grandview.

Some of its own people say investigators have been told to report conclusions that don't match the facts

All sides in the Grandview Golf Course case have been frustrated by how long it has taken the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission to complete the investigation.

Questions about the investigation

"The investigations are fixed," said a state employee of 10 years. "We do not do investigations. You basically have to fit a case to what a supervisor believes, and you have to find the evidence to fit that. I don’t trust anything that goes on there."

Several declined invitations

There should have been some education, sensitivity training, new policies or changes in place at Grandview, she said.

A top priority case

The Grandview case was made a top priority ahead of more than a thousand cases.