what is replacement course redesign

by Mr. Toby Hoppe 6 min read

The Replacement Model reduces the number of in-class meetings and replaces some in-class time with out-of-class time; online, interactive learning activities; or makes significant changes in remaining in-class meetings.

What is course redesign?

Course redesign involves creating useful and measurable learning outcomes, choosing effective teaching strategies and learning experiences, aligning assessment methods with course learning outcomes, and revising the course syllabus.

How do you create a good online course?

5 Tips for Designing Effective Online Courses in 2022Know Your Audience. ... Create Well-Organized Courses / Micro-Learning. ... Make Your Lessons Interactive. ... Incorporate Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning Styles. ... Make Content Accessible.

How do you develop a new course?

Design Your CourseConsider timing and logistics.Recognize who your students are.Identify the situational constraints.Articulate your learning objectives.Identify potential assessments.Identify appropriate instructional strategies.Plan your course content and schedule.

What are the 3 most important considerations for creating engaging and effective online courses?

Key Considerations When Designing an Online CourseBuild your instructor presence. ... Develop rapport with your students. ... Create opportunities for student to student interactions. ... Effectively communicate with your students. ... Teaching presence. ... Social presence. ... Cognitive presence. ... Multiple Means of Engagement.More items...