what is gniit course

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Graduate from National Institute of Information Technology (GNIIT) is a course provided by National Institute of Information Technology (NIT) which cover all kind of computer languages. Share Suggest new GNIIT Full Form

GNIIT in Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering is a three year program which offers you in depth classroom training followed by one year of Professional Practice to gain real world professional skills.

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Is GNIIT a good course?

GNIIT’s curriculum is customized to match the industry’s current and emerging skill requirements. Further, NIIT’s partnership with academia and IT majors like Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, SAS and Sun Microsystems ensures that student IT skills are at par with, or superior to, peers in professional IT programs.

Is GNIIT from UGC recognized?

It's a diploma course .If anyone want to do gniit plzz .BCA or http://Bsc.IT must u do degree course. But never take admission in gaya .Metro city is best for gniit.But u develop ur skill and spoken by urself then you get job.but through niit I didn't get job in good companies like TCS , Accenture .It's give u training point only .MCA is necessary for growth.

What is the Triple Qualification of GNIIT?

GNIIT NIIT. The new GNIIT programme prepares college students for a successful entry into the professional IT world by making them job-ready, the day they graduate. The programme gives students the benefit of a dual qualification as it can be pursued alongside graduation. The new GNIIT offers a Credit-based Curriculum with enhanced flexibility and is a perfect blend of skills …

What is the value of GNIIT and NIIT?

 · GNIIT stands for GRADUATION NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY What is benefit of GNIIT course from NIIT? Gniit course is very good course .and i m also Student of GNIIT and i placed in...


What is GNIIT in NIIT?

NIIT is a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation that is building a manpower pool for global industry requirements.

What comes under NIIT?

NIIT University CoursesCourseAnnual Course Fee (in Rs lakh)BTech - Computer Science & Engineering - Electronics & Communication - Biotechnology - Communication and Computer Engineering - Data Science - Cyber Security3.05BBA2.28Integrated MBA2.46iMTech - Educational Technology - Geographic Information Systems3.23 3.511 more row•Apr 20, 2022

Is Gniit is a degree or diploma?

It's a diploma course . If anyone want to do gniit plzz . BCA or http://Bsc.IT must u do degree course.

What is the salary of NIIT?

NIIT Ltd. Jobs by SalaryJob TitleRangeJob Title:Training CoordinatorRange:₹128k - ₹577k (Estimated *)Senior Software EngineerRange:₹284k - ₹817k (Estimated *)Service Delivery ManagerRange:₹508k - ₹2m (Estimated *)Information Technology (IT) ConsultantRange:₹491k - ₹2m (Estimated *)3 more rows

How many semesters are there in GNIIT?

I took admission in GNIIT in year 2006. They promise 2 year classroom training + 1 year professional practice. total 3 year course=6 semester.

How long does it take to complete GNIIT?

Ideally GNIIT should be completed in 3 years, but due to shifting of NIIT’s center and then finally shutting down of the center and taking transfer to another center, the course is delayed by more than a year. Also, the services provided are not worth the money which they take. They say that they place GNIIT student as soon as the graduation is completed. But such course delays and low quality teachings at times degrade the entire brand image.

Is IIT a huge area?

Most IITs are huge in area. For example, IIT Bombay and Madras campuses have forest area and lakes and are biodiversity hotspots as well. NIIT also has a huge area, even mountains that are known lovingly as Kaali Pahadi (black hills) because of the mining that took place there before. Hostels at IITs are getting old while the new NIIT hostels absolutely wonderful with western toilets. (Indian toilets at IIT Madras. IIT 0 NIIT 1)

Is NIIT a big brand?

With edX, MVA, Lynda, Udemy and a lot of online learning platforms available, the competition for NIIT is increasing. NIIT is a big brand but doesn’t understands the importance of its students. I joined NIIT 4 years ago to do GNIIT.

What are the two kinds of people at NIIT?

There are two kinds of people at NIIT. The ones who live in the basement and are high. And the ones who don’t live in the basement and are higher.

Is GNIIT a diploma?

If you talk about value of GNIIT then it’s working as a diploma in computer. Job is totally depend on your skill.

Is NIIT like IIT?

Verdict: NIIT is almost like IIT except that it is Not IIT.