what is another word fir gulf course

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Synonyms for Golf course:

  • Other relevant words: (noun) playing area, fairgrounds, rink, field, course, gridiron, racecourses, fairground, racecourse, rinks. Other synonyms:
  • Other relevant words: diamond.
  • Other relevant words (noun):

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for golf-course, like: course, green, links, fairway, front nine, back nine, links course, , Movenpick, and null.

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What is a golf course?

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What are the different types of golf terms?

Plural for golf links. fairways. greens. links. “The golf course is a good public amenity but I would query whether it could be run in a way that at least allows it to break even.”. Noun. . Plural for place where golf is played. golf clubs.

What kind of turf do golf courses use?

Another way to say Golf-club? Synonyms for Golf-club (other words and phrases for Golf-club).

What is the rough on a British golf course called?

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What's another term for golf course?

What is another word for golf course?fairwayback ninefront ninegreenlinks

What is the golf course called?

A golf course is the grounds where the sport of golf is played. It consists of a series of holes, each consisting of a tee box, a fairway, the rough and other hazards, and a green with a cylindrical hole in the ground, known as a "cup".

Is links another word for golf course?

Although the term links is often used loosely to describe any golf course, few golf courses have all of the design elements of true links courses, including being built on linksland. The presence of a seaside location does not guarantee a links golf course.

What is another word for course?

What is another word for course?routewaydirectionpathtackpassagepathwaytrailtrajectorycircuit55 more rows

What are the parts of a golf course called?

Learn the Layout: Parts of the Golf Course You Run IntoThe Tee Box. The tee box, also known as the teeing ground, is where the hole begins. ... The Fairway. ... The Green. ... The Rough. ... Hazards. ... Boost Your Golf Game with PEAK™ Certified Professional Training.

Why is a golf course called The links?

Links course The term derives from the Old English word hlinc meaning rising ground or ridge and refers to sandy area along coast.May 31, 2020

What is the difference between links and regular golf courses?

When discussing links golf vs regular golf, the difference in wind is one of the biggest differentiators. Because links courses are on a coastline, strong sea winds blow in off the water. Links courses rarely have any trees because the land that they are built on isn't suitable for large plant life.

What are the types of golf courses?

What are the different types of golf courses?Links Courses. (Copyright Tim Murphy/Shutterstock.com)Parkland Courses. (Copyright riganmc/Shutterstock.com) ... Desert Courses. (Copyright Brocreative/shutterstock.com) ... Sand Courses. (Copyright Artikom jumpamoon/Shutterstock.com) ... Snow/ice Courses.

What is another word for course of study?

course of studycourse.division.grade.room.seminar.session.study.subject.More items...

What is another word for off course?

What is another word for off-course?strayedastrayconfuseddisorientedlostlost one's bearingoff-trackroamingrovingadrift92 more rows

What's a antonym for course?

course. Antonyms: disorder, discussion, solution, interruption, deviation, hindrance, error, conjecture, hazard, speculation, caprice. Synonyms: order, sequence, continuity, direction, progress, line, way, mode, race, career, road, route, series, passage, succession, round, manner, plan, conduct, method.

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Is swimming an ambigram?

The word for fear of palindromes, "aibohphobia," is actually ironically constructed as a palindrome. The word "swims" is considered an ambigram because it reads the same upside down and right side up.

Is pickleball considered a high risk sport?

Still, activities such as golf, tennis and pickleball are permitted, according to the order. For example, golf is considered low risk and can be played, but football and basketball are considered high risk and are off-limits.

Did Reed play golf with his grandson?

He would reunite with Laura in a few days, and he looked forward to playing golf with his grandson.

What is a fringe in golf?

Updated June 20, 2019. In golf, "Fringe" refers to any grass adjoining the putting surface that is mowed to a height only slightly higher than the grass on the putting green — a height typically about halfway between green and fairway heights. "Fringe" can be used a synonym for either apron or collar, ...

Why do golfers putt on the fringe?

Because the grass in the fringe is mowed pretty low, many golfers choose to putt when their golf ball stops on the fringe. How much grass the golfer has to putt through determines how much harder that golfer needs to strike the putt because the ball will roll slower since the fringe grass is higher than the putting green grass.

Is fringe grass mowed?

The putting surface has very closely mowed grass, but the fringe is a bit higher while still cut low and well-maintained, and beyond that is the unkempt rough (or, in front of the green, fairway-height grass). Because the fringe is not part of the green, golfers are not allowed to mark, lift, clean and replace their golf ball on ...

Can you mark a golf ball on the fringe?

Because the fringe is not part of the green, golfers are not allowed to mark, lift, clean and replace their golf ball on the fringe as is allowed on the green. The fringe is like any other part of the golf course, other than the green, as far as the rules are concerned.

Does a putter count as a putt?

If a player's ball stops on the fringe, which is separate from the green, but the player then uses his or her putter to putt his or her ball across the fringe onto the green, it does not count as putt for the purposes of stat tracking.

Is fringe part of putting green?

The fringe is not part of the putting green; it is a separate part of the course unto itself. Think of fringe as a ring around a putting green that is a sort of buffer between the green and the higher rough outside of the green.

Is putting green a stroke?

This is because, as far as professionals are concerned, the putting green is the only place from which traditional putts can be made. The rest are strokes, whether or not the player chooses to roll the ball along the fringe surface or not.

What is the term for the part of the golf club that strikes the golf ball at impact?

Clubface: The clubface is the part of the golf club which strikes the golf ball at impact.

What is an approach course?

Approach Course: A golf course having short holes, may be a par 3 distance or shorter and falling short on designated teeing areas is called approach course. Approach Wedge: Another name for gap wedge, approach wedge is a name for a golf club which has a high loft.

What is a Calcutta bid?

Calcutta: Calcutta refers to a kind of a bid or an auction, where golfers stake claims on the golfer or the team they think will win. Callaway System: A kind of golf format, Callaway system is used in events where in maximum golfers do not have real handicap indexes. It is a one-day handicapping system.

What does the lip mean in golf?

The first means that around two inches above the level of sand, in a bunker, there is a rim of sod. This prevents the chance for a golfer to putt out of the bunker. The other meaning refers to the edge or rim of the hole or cup.

What is the golfer's decision making called?

Course Management: The golfer’s decision-making during a round of golf is called course management.

What is a ball striker?

It refers to the golfer’s ability in full swing. Ballstriking: Ball striking means the full swing abilities of a golfer. A great ball striker is a golfer who is excellent at full swing. Ball Washer: A device normally kept besides tee boxes to clean the golf balls is called a ball washer.

What is a bump and run?

Bump and Run: Usually played from approximately the same distance you would possibly play a pitch shot, bump and run is an approach shot to the green. Bunker: Filled in with sand, bunker is either a hole or depression and is categorized as a hazard. C.