what course did the chief financial officer of greenergy study?

by Lea Grant Sr. 10 min read

Who is the Chief Financial Officer of Greenergy?

Chief Financial Officer A Chartered Accountant, Adam joined Greenergy in 2008. More recently Adam was Director of Investments, responsible for the Group’s global mergers and acquisitions and company investments. Adam was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2018.

Why choose Greenergy?

Greenergy is supplier of road fuel and are growing internationally. Greenergy is an established supplier and distributor of road fuels with a proven track record as the low-cost supplier delivering highly reliable customer service.

What is the Chief Green officer’s agenda?

As the role of the chief green officer becomes more well-defined, senior management is looking for an agenda that positions their company for success in the future along with results today. There are three key items on this his or her agenda:

Who is Christian joining Greenergy?

Joining from Marquard & Bahls, Christian has held a range of leadership roles throughout his career and has considerable experience in the fuel infrastructure and fuel supply sectors. A Chartered Accountant, Adam joined Greenergy in 2008.


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M&A Details

Greenergy was acquired by Brookfield Business Partners on May 10, 2017.