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by Ervin Roberts 9 min read

How does academic achievement affect delinquency?

Literature has examined the potential impacts of academic achievement on behaviors. In their meta-analysis, Maguin and Loeber (1996)found that poor academic performance appears to be related to frequency, persistence, and seriousness of delinquent activity.

Can behavior problems predict academic achievement?

A variety of research has also suggested that intervention components on the academic domain may have an effect on the behavior domain (Herrenkohl et al., 2001; Maguin & Loeber, 1996). The current study, however, focuses on predicting academic achievement from behavior problems, the second possibility suggested by Hinshaw (1992).

What are the effects of low academic performance on student behavior?

A more recent study (Joffe & Black, 2012) revealed that among a sample of 352 secondary school students, those with low academic performance had significantly greater social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

Do behavioral problems affect reading achievement in black students?

Specifically, behavioral problems appeared to affect females’ and Black students’ reading achievement.