queensborough how to file an appeal to the committee of course and standing

by Ms. Leora Lehner III 4 min read

How long is a certificate of residence valid for in Nassau County?

Students must, however, obtain a Certificate of Residence from their County Treasurer’s Office or Department of Finance. A Certificate of Residence is valid for only ONE academic year, except Nassau County which is good for ONE calendar year.

Is a 2014 Nassau County certificate valid?

If you submit a certificate on January 29, 2014, that certificate is only valid for the 2013-2014 academic year, and therefore is only valid for the Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 semesters. You must apply for a new certificate for the Fall 2014 semester. Residents of Nassau County:

What happens if you fail to meet the GPA probation?

Students who fail to meet the terms of GPA Probation or Rate of Progress Probation will be dismissed at the end of the Academic Semester. Dismissal from the College is permanent unless a written reinstatement appeal, made to one of the four Committee on Academic Standing, is successful.

Can I go back to Baruch College if I was dismissed?

If you are dismissed, you may not enroll in courses at Baruch College unless you are reinstated. You will not be allowed to attend school for at least one semester. In order to return to Baruch College, your appeal for reinstatement must be approved by one of the four Committees on Academic Standing.

When can I appeal a tuition reduction?

The Tuition Appeals Committee will review appeals for a reduction of tuition charges for extenuating and unforeseen circumstances that take place only within the first three weeks of the Fall or Spring semester or within 2 days of the start of Summer sessions .

Can I drop classes online at CUNY?

In order to be guaranteed a full cancellation of tuition and fees, you must drop your classes online, through CUNYfirst or at the Registrar’s office before the term begins.

Can you waive tuition fees after the start of the term?

Fees cannot be waived. Not all appeals are approved and fees cannot be waived after the start of the term . The decision of the Committee is final.