jmu how to find out what textbook is needed for course

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Here are a few things you can do: Check JMU Libraries use Library Searchto look for your book find out if your professor set aside a copy in Course Reserves stop by a Libraries service desk or visit the Ask the Librarypage for help finding the textbook

You can browse our shelves to find what you need, but the easiest option for most students is to order online. Just sign in to MyMadison, select the Student tab, click on Student Center, and choose Buy My Books from the drop down menu in the column under Academics.

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Where can I find JMU books?

Textbooks. 1. Plan to order textbooks at least 2 weeks prior to your course starting. 2. Read the syllabus posted on Canvas for each course you are registered in to find out what textbook the instructor is using. 3. If you are using Pathfinders money to purchase your books you MUST order through the JMU bookstore by calling this number: (540) 568-6191. You can not order books …

How do I identify the recipient of mail received from JMU mail services?

Within the main navigation, go to Books > Textbooks & Course Materials. Select your class. If your class materials are not confirmed, you'll see an option for "Email me when available online." If you know the book you need, you can enter in the ISBN in the search field.

What is the mrest Test at JMU?

Create open textbooks! JMU faculty who want to create or customize open textbooks or other course content can use JMU Libraries Pressbooks, an easy-to-use tool for creating online books and interactive course materials. JMU Libraries offers the “EDU version” of Pressbooks, which includes features that support teaching and learning.

How do I transfer my JMU degree to another university?

It is recommended that you view the policy file directly on mobile devices in order to see the entire policy document.

How to search for classes at JMU?

1. Start by going to the student portal on the main JMU. edu website: 2. Click the link to "class search" in the "Be Successful" section of the webpage. 3. Start the search by selecting the term ( fall, spring or summer) and the class subject. You can specify the course number, ...

How many hours of course credit does JMU allow?

JMU permits students who are not seeking a degree to enroll and register for up to 11 hours of course credit during each session as non-degree students. Non-degree seeking students need to apply through JMU's Professional & Continuing Education. For more information and to apply, go to ...

How to enroll in a class on MyMadison?

Using MyMadison. Follow these steps to ENROLL in an online class. 1. Log into MyMadison and begin the process to search for classes to add ( if you're not sure how to add a class in MyMadison, there are tutorials here .) 2. Enter the term, subject, and class number if you know which specific class you want to take. 3.

Is shopping at the campus store really my best bet?

Yes! Your campus store works every angle to provide students with the best prices—from partnering with faculty to choose the most cost-efficient items—to offering used or rental books. Need to return or exchange a book? We make that easy for you.

Why shop the campus store vs. other online retailers?

With everything you need in one place, shopping the campus store means less time spent searching. Bottom line: we guarantee that you have the right course materials.

How do I shop at the campus store for materials?

In-store systems help you quickly find what you need with course materials arranged either by course, or alphabetically by author.

What is an "ISBN"?

ISBN stands for "International Standard Book Number." This unique identifier of each book edition is printed on the copyright page as well as back cover near the bar code. Checking the ISBN guarantees you’ve got the right book.

What are the different types of Digital Books?

There are several varieties of digital books, but usually just one type per title/ISBN.

Textbook Low Price Guarantee

We price match textbooks against Amazon and most competitors. Find a cheaper advertised price within seven days of purchase, and we'll give you the difference. Find further details in-store.

Print Textbook Condition Substitution Policy

If your order includes a print textbook, there is a possibility the condition you selected (e.g. Used or New condition) is unavailable at the time we process your order.

What is the information literacy test at James Madison University?

James Madison University believes that the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to navigate the landscape of scholarly information are necessary for successful completion of your university classes. Information literacy skills are foundational to your university coursework and as such are included in Cluster One of General Education. All students completing General Education at JMU are required to pass the Madison Research Essentials Skills Test (MREST) within the first academic year at JMU.

What are the components of scholarly work?

Recognize the components of scholarly work and that scholarship can take many forms. Knowledge, skills, dispositions required: choosing appropriate research tools, employ efficient searching techniques, recognize that searching is a skill that requires multiple attempts to find the most useful information.

How long does a JMU test stay on the record?

The test or transfer credit will remain on the JMU record until the end of the term in which the class is being repeated. If the student earns a grade of “D-“ or higher, the test or transfer credit will be removed permanently from the JMU record once that grade is posted.

What is dual enrollment credit?

Courses taken in this manner are referred to as dual enrollment courses. Upon approval, dual enrollment credit will be awarded for academic courses completed at regionally accredited institutions of higher education. You must receive a grade of "C" or better in order to be awarded credit. Back to top.

Can you transfer JMU credits to a non-undergraduate?

Transfer Credit from a non-undergraduate JMU Career. Students who earned credit on a JMU Continuing Education transcript where a class has been repeated will receive transferable credit to a Undergraduate career for the class attempt with the most favorable grade.

What time does JMU mail?

University Mail Services operates from 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday, excluding JMU holidays. The Student Services Window operates from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday and from 10:00am until 2:00pm on Saturday. This excludes any JMU holidays.

What is business reply mail?

Business reply mail is a service by which correctly formatted mail can be forwarded back to the original sender, free of cost to the party responding. All fees are assessed to the permit holder for actual mail received, and thereafter internally charged to the initiating department. Business Reply Mail should be used for mailings over 500 pieces in a single mailing or over a year.

What is a receipt of mailing?

A receipt of the mailing, which is detached from the label and has the official postal postmark, is your record of the mailing and should be retained by the sender. Labels and Return Receipts can be obtained from University Mail Services locations. A return receipt offers proof of delivery.

What is mail service?

Mail Services is a department under the Director of Business Services who reports to the Associate Vice President of Business Services. The Mail Service Guide is for private circulation only. It has been prepared for the use and benefit of the University.

How long does standard mail take?

Standard mail describes a service that has no promised delivery standards but is usually delivered in a week or two within the continental United States and usually not more than 5 days within a radius of 500 miles.

What is the mission of University Mail Services?

The mission of University Mail Services is to provide the University community with timely and accurate handling, distribution and processing of all mail, and utilizing staff and resources effectively and efficiently with accountability.

What is a tab in the post office?

In place of staples, “tabs” are now used. A tab is a small separate paper/plastic piece with an adhesive side that folds over to secure the pages together.