how to cancel cornerstone msk course

by Joy Considine 5 min read

What is a Create Date in a training removal job?

Create Date - This column displays the date and time at which the training removal job was submitted by an administrator. This field displays in the user's time zone.

What is training removal tool?

The Training Removal Tool page enables administrators to remove a single learning object from multiple users' transcripts at one time. From this page, administrators can also view the list of previously processed training removal jobs and view the details of each training removal job.

When will cornerstone courses start?

The Cornerstone courses will be offered in every 8-week term beginning in the Spring 1 term of 2020.

How many attempts of Cornerstone are allowed?

Students are allowed 3 attempts of the Cornerstone course if they received an F or D grade. Grades of I, W, AW, and MW are excluded from this policy. See the policies Grades Awarded and Accepted and Repeating Excelsior College Source of Credit.

What grade do you need to get into Excelsior College?

Students must achieve a minimum grade of C to meet this requirement.

Is Excelsior College a cornerstone?

In order to provide students with the foundational skills and resources for academic and career success, and assure a “smart start” to the Excelsior academic experience, Excelsior College is implementing a Cornerstone course requirement.

Can you take other courses with the Cornerstone?

Students are permitted to take other courses or exams simultaneously with the Cornerstone course, with the exception of the Capstone course. Students must successfully complete the Cornerstone course to graduate.

Do you have to take the Cornerstone course after you get into Excelsior College?

Students are required to take the Cornerstone course in their first term of credit-bearing activity after admission to Excelsior College. Exception: students who are admitted after late registration may still register for INL102 or a UExcel or Excelsior College exam while they wait to take the Cornerstone course in the next term.

When do actions or triggers on the current page in the course occur?

Ensure that any actions or triggers on the current page in the course occur when the user exits the course. For example, if you've built a page in the course that takes user input which subsequently gets stored in the LMS, you want to make sure you provide a mechanism, such as a "Next Page" action or a suspend call to the LMS, that reads that data before the course is exited.

What causes content defects in a course?

In most cases, the root cause for content defects is course file-related issues. The first step is to test your courses in SCORM Cloud in Frameset mode, using the Rustici website, to ensure your course functions as expected. This is an industry standard online course testing platform available to everyone that emulates a LMS.

Is an administrator familiar with LMS/SCORM?

Administrator is not familiar with LMS/SCORM guidelines and practices


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