japanese telivision show where they run an obsacle course

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Kinniku Banzuke
Original releaseOctober 14, 1995 – May 4, 2002
Followed bySasuke
Related showsZone, Body, Sasuke Mania, Viking: The Ultimate Obstacle Course, Taiiku no Jikan (Physical Education Time)
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Do you think the tone of most Japanese game shows is silly?

The tone of most Japanese game shows is a bit silly, yes. It's supposed to be all good fun. The Western media goes a little overboard with exaggerating the craziest moments on these shows, while overlooking a lot of stuff that happens that's not so crazy.

What channel is Viking the Ultimate Obstacle Course on?

The show Viking: The Ultimate Obstacle Course airs on ESPN2 and is also produced by Monster9 [ ja] for Fuji TV. Many of the competitors from Sasuke also compete in the Viking competition.

What do you think about reality TV in Japan?

But Japanese reality TV is a lot less personal. It may even be dehumanizing sometimes. A lot less focus is placed on the contestants as individuals, and a lot more emphasis is on the contest they're competing in.

Who is the Grand Poobah of Japanese sports variety shows?

This was the Grand Poobah of Japanese sports variety shows. The Great Patriarch, if you will. It aired from 1986 and 1989 and was largely responsible for the popularity of the sports variety genre. The titular Takeshi is a Japanese actor and comedian.

What is the obstacle course TV show called?

Wipeout is an American television game show. It features contestants competing in (what was billed as) the "World's Largest" obstacle course which originally aired on ABC from June 24, 2008, to September 7, 2014. In 2021, the show was rebooted on TBS, with John Cena, Nicole Byer, and Camille Kostek as hosts.

What is the Japanese game show that is like Wipeout?

Takeshi's Castle.“Wipeout” on ABC seems to be an Americanized version of the '80s Japanese game show “Takeshi's Castle.”

What was the name of the Japanese game show?

Often referred to as the Grandfather of Japanese game shows, Takeshi's Castle is where Japanese game shows first earned worldwide recognition.

What Japanese show was MXC based on?

MXC's main footage is taken from the Japanese reality show Takeshi's Castle, which was a runaway hit from 1985 to 1990 on Tokyo's NHK network.

Why was Wipeout Cancelled?

It's looking like Wipeout is all washed up on ABC. The competition series hit some lows in the ratings last summer, was left off the schedule this summer, and now, it's been removed from the network's website.

What is the Chinese version of Wipeout?

Nan sheng nü sheng xiang qian chong (Pinyin, In Chinese: "男生女生向前冲", directly in English "Race Forward, Boys and Girls!") is a Chinese game show which is based on one of Endemol USA's best-selling game shows, Wipeout. Unlike the US version, this program has several changes to the original settings.

What is Harajuku famous for?

Harajuku (原宿) is a popular shopping neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan that is known as being the hub for Japanese pop culture. It is centered around Harajuku Station and extends down to Omotesando, a more upscale shopping area. In Harajuku, you'll find plenty of fashion boutiques, thrift stores, themed cafes and more.

Can you survive a Japanese game show?

The show followed a group of Americans, who leave the United States for Japan where they competed in a Japanese style game show. The winner takes home US $250,000....I Survived a Japanese Game ShowStarringTony Sano (TV host, Season 1) Rome Kanda (Majide host)Narrated byRobert CaitCountry of originUnited States15 more rows

Are Japanese game shows cruel?

Japanese game shows have been known for including very cruel challenges, with Hollywood Reporter even stating in 2008 "the Japanese have elevated cruelty to an art form." In 2002, it was acknowledged that these game show challenges had caused physical injuries to some contestants.

Is MXC the same as Takeshi's Castle?

MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) is an American comedy television program that aired on Spike TV from 2003–07. It is a re-edit of footage from the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle which originally aired in Japan from 1986–89.

Do they still make Takeshi's Castle?

Takeshi Castle) is a Japanese game show that aired between 1986 and 1990 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS).

Is Wipeout based on MXC?

(The ABC show Wipeout, which aired from 2008 to 2014, was based on MXC, but it never achieved the outrageousness of either the original or MXC.) The challenges always resulted in physical contortions and flailing.


Sasuke (サスケ; stylized in Japan as SASUKE) is a Japanese sports entertainment game show television series, airing since 1997, in which 100 competitors attempt to complete a four-stage obstacle course. An edited version, named Ninja Warrior, is screened in at least 18 other countries.


Recorded on location at a Midoriyama studio in Yokohama, it airs on Tokyo Broadcasting System between Japanese television drama seasons. The show's name Sasuke is named after Sarutobi Sasuke, a fictitious character in Japanese storytelling. Each three-hour special (with the exceptions of Sasuke 24 and 36 which lasted 5 1⁄2 hours and 6 hours respectively) covers an entire competition; there are normally 100 participants. There have been 39 specials produced, a…


The show hosts a broad spectrum of participants. While most are from Japan, national television personalities and Olympians from other countries, including the US, Bulgaria, China and Korea, have taken part in the competition. Some of the more enthusiastic competitors dress up in costumes, bring props to the starting stage, or show off some of their talents.
The Sasuke All-Stars were a group of six favored competitors, established by the TBS network, o…

List of Sasuke stages and obstacles

One hundred participants are given the opportunity to attempt the First Stage, a course which primarily tests one's speed. The object is to hit the buzzer at the end of the course before the allotted time expires. If a competitor goes out of bounds or comes into contact with the water in any of the pits below the course, he or she is disqualified from the competition.
Typically, 85 to 90 of the 100 original entrants are eliminated in this stage. However, in the 4th c…


Below is an incomplete list of the international versions with their own Sasuke/Ninja Warrior courses, excluding the original Japanese version and its rebroadcast in other countries.
Currently airing An upcoming season/version Status unknown No longer airing
These winners are not including the "kanzenseiha" (Total Victory) winners fro…

Related events

The show Viking: The Ultimate Obstacle Course airs on ESPN2 and is also produced by Monster9 [ja] for Fuji TV. Many of the competitors from Sasuke also compete in the Viking competition.
Sasuke executive producer Ushio Higuchi [ja] co-created Muscle Musical [ja], a live athletic and comedy-oriented performance featuring several notable Sasuke and Kunoichi competitors, who have included Ayako Miyake, Naoki Iketani, Sayaka Asami, Terukazu Ishikawa, Kayo Haga, Daisu…

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