how much does streaming of course plus cost a month

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The Great Courses Plus is a subscription streaming service that dishes up informational videos on a broad range of subjects. Per Month, Starts at $20.00 Starts at $20 at The Great Courses

The Great Courses Plus offers a free trial to everyone. However, after the free trial, you will need to choose a membership plan. There are two plans: Monthly for $20 per month and Quarterly for $15 per month.Oct 31, 2021

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Is the Great Courses plus a streaming service?

Learn more . The Great Courses Plus is a subscription-based video streaming service that's also an online learning site. To also classify it as a streaming service feels apt, however, because you can watch The Great Courses content not only on your computer, but also via Apple TV, Roku, and other devices.

How much does it cost to take an online course?

If you are only interested in 1 course, just pay for it (cost is between $29 and $100 a Course), most of them offer a free version where you’ll be able to access the course’s main content – no certificates, assignments or feedback from the instructor though.

How much does Coursera plus cost?

Typically, you can pay for Coursera Plus annually ($399) or monthly ($59/month). But from now through January 13, you can get a year-long Coursera Plus membership for $299 — $100 off its standard price.

What are the additional costs associated with live streaming?

Additional Costs Associated with Live Streaming. 1 1. Cameras. Your camera can make or break the quality of your broadcast. Smartphone video cameras are quite capable these days, but businesses and pro ... 2 2. Audio Equipment. 3 3. Encoder.

Can you watch The Great Courses plus on TV?

The Great Courses Signature Collection is available now in the U.S. via the ‌‌Apple TV‌‌ app, Amazon Prime Video, and Roku for $7.99 per month. There is also a seven-day free trial available to try the service out.

How many devices can I stream The Great Courses plus?

An account with The Great Courses Plus can be logged in to ten unique devices and allows for up to five simultaneous streams.

How long is The Great Courses plus free trial?

14 daysYes! The Great Courses Plus does have a free trial. It's 14 days — and gives you access to the entire platform.

How much is Wondrium monthly?

($20 per month)How Much Does Wondrium Cost? To watch courses on Wondrium, you need a subscription and you have three options: monthly ($20 per month), quarterly ($45 per quarter), or annual ($150 per year).

How much does a Great Courses plus membership cost?

The individual courses on The Great Courses Plus site can reach the price range of around $500. However, as most The Great Courses Plus reviews point out and advise, it's much better to buy the company's subscription plan. The plan costs $49.95 for a month, or $360 for the annual option.

What is difference between Great Courses and Great Courses plus?

The Great Courses is a site where you can purchase educational (and some edutainment) video content either to stream or on DVD. The Great Course Plus is simply a subscription-based account that gives you streaming access to the same catalog, plus a few videos you can't get on the other site.

How can I watch The Great Courses for free?

Fortunately, your Mentor Public Library offers four ways that you can enjoy more The Great Courses for free.Borrow them from us. ... Stream them using Kanopy. ... Watch the Great Courses with RBDigital. ... Stream audio versions of the Great Courses for free with Hoopla.

What happened to Great Courses plus?

In April 2021, the company announced the rebranding of its global streaming platform from the Great Courses Plus to Wondrium, along with new licensing agreements to include content from Kino Lorber, MagellanTV, and Craftsy.

Are Great Courses worth it?

Put simply, The Great Courses is a fantastic e-learning platform for anyone keen to learn on their own time and around their own lifestyle. But, in general, I'd say The Great Courses is ideal for: People who love to learn and gain new insights. Professionals wanting to develop their expertise.

Is Wondrium free on Roku?

Your free trial gives you access to the entire Wondrium catalog of videos on all your favorite devices—Roku, FireTV, Android phones, and Apple phones and tablets. Well, almost all your favorite devices. You won't be able to find us on your Etch A Sketch®.

What is the difference between Wondrium and The Great Courses?

Wondrium is a video-streaming service from the folks behind The Great Courses. At Wondrium, we have curated thousands of videos with millions of why's, how's, where's, what's, who's, and when's to answer every wonder you've ever had.

Is The Great Courses the same as Wondrium?

Wondrium is the premier service for people who love to learn. It gives you hundreds of great college-level courses from The Great Courses and hundreds of high-quality documentaries and series made for lifelong learners like you.

How much does Amazon Prime Video cost?

Amazon Prime Video. Cost: This video streaming service is included with an Amazon Prime membership, currently $119/annually or $59/annually for students. The Basics: Like more than 100 million others in the U.S., you probably already have an Amazon Prime membership.

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix. Cost: After a free trial month, it costs $8.99/month for the basic plan, $12.99/month for standard, and $15.99/month for the premium subscription. In 2018, those same plans were $7.99/month, $10.99/month, and $13.99/month, respectively. The Basics: Netflix has been the king of streaming services in recent years with more ...

How many subscribers does Disney+ have?

and a few other countries on Nov. 12, 2019, and has made a splash since, accumulating 28.6 million subscribers since its launch. Access content from not just Disney, but also Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic.

How much does a Sling Blue package cost?

Cost: Choose between the Sling Orange package or the Sling Blue package for $20/month (for the first month). After that, the price for each goes up to $30/month, or $45/month for both. You can also add extras like sports, comedy, news, Spanish-language TV, or lifestyle channels for $5 to $10/month each. The two packages were each $25/month in 2018, while the dual package rang in at $40/month.

When will Apple TV+ be available for free?

Free streaming for a year is available for those who purchased a new Apple device on Sept. 10, 2019 , or later. The Basics: Apple TV+ is Apple’s answer to the live streaming trend; This video streaming service came out Nov. 1, 2019, and since its launch, had amassed more than 33 million subscribers.

Does Amazon Prime have live sports?

If you’re not taking advantage of the online marketplace’s video streaming offerings, then likely not. Like competitor Netflix, Amazon Prime video offers a wide variety of content, from original series to HBO series, even popular movies and shows for kids. It also offers some live sports, another draw.

Is Netflix a good streaming service?

The Basics: Netflix has been the king of streaming services in recent years with more than 167 million subscribers around the world, and with good reason. This platform offers something for everyone, from sci-fi thrillers to period dramas and political documentaries to binge-worthy classic sitcoms. While this platform offers one of the wider varieties of shows to watch, it’s fully aware of its popularity. Price hikes are expected, and often. They also tend to pull shows and movies occasionally: Think “Friends,” “Black Panther,” and “The L Word.”

How Much Is Hulu?

One of Netflix's most direct competitors, Hulu has expanded its offerings rapidly. Currently, Hulu has four existing plans:

How Much Is HBO Now?

HBO Now is HBO's streaming service for those who don't have HBO as part of a cable package or as an add-on to various other services. Just HBO streaming.

How Much Is Netflix?

The service that started it all, Netflix ( NFLX) - Get Netflix, Inc. Report began as a competitor to Blockbuster and wound up the biggest streaming service in the world, pioneering the format with its selection of past content and original shows.

How Much Is Amazon Prime Video?

Report Prime Video will depend on how much of Amazon Prime you plan on buying, as well as whether or not you are a student.

How Much Is Disney+?

The cost for a Disney+ subscription is $6.99 a month. If you decide to pay annually it will be $69.99 a year. There is also a package that includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundled together for the price of $12.99 a month.

How Much Is Apple TV+?

1, 2019, with nine new original TV shows and more on the way. The price for Apple TV+ is $4.99 a month.

How Much Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV offers live TV with over 70 channels to cord-cutters, working on televisions (Smart TVs and streaming boxes like Roku) and mobile devices alike. They also advertise their services as having unlimited DVR space.

Invest in your professional goals with Coursera Plus

Get unlimited access to over 90% of courses, Guided Projects, Specializations, and Professional Certificates on Coursera, taught by top instructors from leading universities and companies.

Join thousands of learners who are achieving their goals with Coursera Plus

87% of learners on Coursera report career benefits such as promotions, raises, and successful career changes.

How much is Coursera Plus?

Priced at $399 per year ($33.25 per month), however, Coursera Plus is a considerable investment for most online students. But it’s an investment that has the potential to pay for itself many times over in the long run. And, Coursera Plus comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, giving students the chance to test the service before committing ...

What does Coursera Plus include?

Here’s a quick rundown of what a subscription to Coursera Plus includes:

How much does SAS certification cost?

On average, this program takes 5 months to complete, and costs roughly $80 per month, bringing the total cost of the program to around $400. Once again, we can see that the price of Coursera Plus justifies itself. Even if you only take this program and nothing else, the cost of one year of Coursera Plus will be $1 less than enrolling into the course separately for the whole duration. And, you’ll have another 7 months of all-expenses-paid Coursera content to spare after finishing the Specialization.

How much does Excel skills for business cost?

Therefore, a 6-month specialization such as the Excel Skills for Business specialization will cost you roughly $300.

Is Coursera Plus worth it?

Yes. Coursera Plus is worth it for learners who take multiple Coursera programs per year. But, to make subscribi ng to Coursera Plus worthwhile, learners should make use of the vast amounts of content that is available to them through the subscription. Thus, we arrive at a boring answer – it depends. Via Giphy.

Does Coursera Plus include Mastertrack?

A subscription to Coursera Plus does not, however, include Coursera’s online degrees or MasterTrack programs. For a full list of all the institutions whose programs are included in a Coursera Plus subscription, refer to this page from the Coursera Help Center.

Who is the CPO of Coursera?

In an interview with Class Central, Shravan Goli (CPO at Coursera) and Anubhav Chopra (Consumer Product Lead at Coursera) described the four key objectives of Coursera Plus as follows:

How much does a live streaming camera cost?

However, if you plan to broadcast regularly, your best bet is to invest in a trusty camera. Live streaming cameras can cost up to $5,000+ for a TV broadcast-quality camera, but you can purchase a solid mid-range camera with excellent video quality for roughly $2,000.

What is a Professional Video Streaming Platform?

An online video host is streaming software that is designed to host video content. Some platforms host live streams and others host on-demand video content. Many online video platforms host both.

What is a livestream on Vimeo?

Vimeo Livestream is a streaming server solution that offers live broadcasting and video hosting services. Vimeo offers several streaming plans for consumer-grade use, but their professional-grade plans with live streaming capabilities are sold through Livestream, a platform that they acquired a few years back.

What is the second live streaming model?

The second live streaming pricing model is pay-as-you-go or pay-per-view. This model is not available on most streaming platforms.

How much storage does the Premium plan have?

For $75/month, the Premium plan and comes with 7 TB total storage, and claims unlimited live streaming on Vimeo. However, the plan limits to 10 team member seats and includes all of the features included in previous plans plus some tools that are specifically used for live event streaming such as unlimited live events, streaming to multiple destinations, live Q&A, graphics, and polls, as well as audience chat.

How much does a starter plan cost?

The Starter plan costs $39/month and comes with 1,000 GB of bandwidth per month (1.2 TB / year) and 50 GB of storage. The plan is ideal for affordable streaming to small groups.

What is the benefit of live streaming?

One of the benefits of live streaming platforms is the ability to price streams via a recurring subscription model. This model costs a flat rate on a monthly or annual basis for access to the streaming service.

How Much Does Coursera Cost?

Coursera provides a huge range of courses. I will not go into detail on the type of courses offered by Coursera in this article. You can refer to my article that review of Coursera to understand its offerings. You can also read my article on best Coursera courses to find its top offerings. The price of a course depends upon the type of course you are buying.

How much does a Coursera certificate cost?

It can cost anywhere between $39 to $79. You can find out the cost of certificate by logging in and going to the course page. II. Free Audit. Coursera provides an option to audit most of its courses. It allows you to learn for free even if the course is not categorized as “free”.

How to check if a course is audited?

In order to determine if a particular course can be audited or not, you will need to login to Coursera and then click on Enroll button on the course page. It will show you is a course can be audited. You can enroll into an un-auditable course only by paying the course fee.

What is Coursera Plus?

It is a annual subscription program that gives you unlimited access 3000+ courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificates.

How long is a Coursera degree?

These are usual length programs running anywhere from one to four years. The course curriculum of an online Degree is same as the curriculum of on-campus Degree.

Does Coursera Plus include Mastertrack?

Coursera Plus includes most of the courses, Professional Certificates, and Specializations but MasterTrack Certificates and Degrees are not included in it. You will see a Coursera Plus badge on the course page if that course is part of Coursera Plus subscription.

Can you buy Coursera Plus in your country?

In some countries, you can buy this it in your local currency. You can click here to check price in your country. With Coursera Plus subscription, you can take as many courses as you want. Coursera does not impose any limitation on number of courses you can enroll into or certificates that you can earn.

How much does Coursera cost?

It offers courses which can either accessed for free or you can upgrade and purchase the course to receive the certificate that start at $29. Its Guided Projects take no more than 2-hours to complete, start at $9.99. Next, we have its Specializations and Professional Certificates that start at $39 a month and can take up to 6 months to complete. The MasterTrack Certificates start around $2,000 and take less than a year to complete. Then there is the online degrees (Bachelor and Masters) that can take up to 4 years to complete and start at $9K and go up to $50+K. Finally, there is Coursera Plus, a subscription plan which you can pay for in monthly installments of $59 or an annual fee of $399.

How much does a Coursera certificate cost?

It is a similar commitment to its Specializations, where you will need to commit for up to 6 months. Its starting price is $39 a month, and you are entitled to a 7-day free trial. The quicker that you work during your Professional Certificate means that you will pay less, as you only pay for the time you are learning.

What are the only courses that aren't included in Coursera Plus?

The only learning programs that aren’t included in the Coursera Plus subscription are the degrees and MasterTrack Certificates. You will be eligible to receive a refund of your Coursera Plus payment if you request it within 14 days of your purchase.

What is Coursera for?

Coursera is a leading elearning platform where you can find thousands of courses from over 200 leading universities (e.g. Duke) and companies (e.g. Google) with hundreds of free courses. Some (paid) courses will award students with accredited certificates upon completion.

How long does it take to get a refund from Coursera?

Coursera Refunds. Refunds at Coursera are possible within 2 weeks of your payment , if this time has already passed your refund will be denied. Note that if you have earned a certificate for a course you won’t be able to refund it either.

How long does it take for Coursera to review your financial aid application?

The application will be reviewed by Coursera in up to 15 days.

How many courses does Coursera offer?

Coursera offers close to 2,000 of its courses for free, but it’s important to point out here that they do come with some limitations that include:

How long is YouTube TV free trial?

YouTube TV free trials, promotions, and deals. You can get YouTube TV free for a month when you sign up for a Verizon Mobile or 5G Home Internet plan. It’s not much, but it’s more than the usual seven-day free trial.

How many simultaneous streams does YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV gives you three simultaneous streams across streaming TV devices, computers, tablets, and phones. Conveniently, this counts within the same home network and outside of it, even while traveling throughout the US.

How much is YouTube TV 2021?

We think YouTube TV is an excellent live TV streaming service—in fact, we’ve named it Cable’s Best Overall service for 2021. For $64.99 per month, you get 100+ cable and local channels plus an unlimited cloud DVR.

What is the best internet speed for YouTube TV?

We recommend DSL, cable, or fiber internet rated at 25 Mbps (megabytes per second) or faster.

How many channels does YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV, depending on your area, offers up to 104 live TV streaming channels, including cable favorites, local channels, and sports networks.

What is the quality of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV video and audio quality. YouTube TV livestreams in 720p at 60 fps (frames per second), the same HD quality as cable/satellite providers and most of the other streaming TV services you’re accustomed to.

Does YouTube TV have a basketball network?

With YouTube TV, you get plenty of football (including NFL Network), basketball (including NBA TV), baseball (including MLB Network), soccer, and college b-ball games. Overall, YouTube TV’s live sports experience is as full as most cable providers’ upper-tier packages—but, sorry hockey fans, no NHL Network.