how do i add a course to my mcgraw hill connect

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  • Create a name for your course in McGraw-Hill Connect.
  • Choose the time zone.
  • Name your section.
  • Click Create Course.

Connect - Create a Course and Add Section(s)
  1. Log in to your Connect instructor account.
  2. Select Add course at the top right.
  3. You can search for your textbook by title, author or subject. ...
  4. Select your title from the list of search results. ...
  5. Enter the following details for your course: ...
  6. Select Create Course.

How do you add classes to McGraw Hill connect?

How do you add classes to McGraw Hill Connect? Create and add your course and section (s) After logging in to Connect, you'll be taken to your my courses page where your courses you've already created are listed. Click add course (A) to start creating a course. Search by title, author or subject. Click to see full answer.

How to see answers on McGraw Hill connect?

Can you get a refund on McGraw Hill Connect?

  • Technical Support Contact Info: McGraw Hill Connect Customer Experience Team: 1-800-331-5094. Sun: 11am - 1am.
  • Access: McGraw-Hill Connect URL:
  • Distribution: You will receive an email from Full Sail Materials with your registration code.

How do I Return my McGraw Hill connect?

  • Items purchased and paid-for by individuals will need to be returned within 30 days of invoice date. ...
  • Products are purchased from McGraw Hill and are returned prepaid in new, unmarked, and resalable condition.
  • Returns are accompanied by our invoice, or invoice information (invoice number, date, account number, ISBN, purchase price). ...

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How do I sign up for McGraw Hill connect?

Steps to Create Account

  • Go to
  • Click Create a New Account.
  • Click Register under Teacher section.
  • Enter name.
  • Enter one of your 16-digit Master Codes.
  • Enter your personal school email address.
  • Create a challenge question and answer.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter your school’s zip code.
  • Select your school.

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How do I set up a course connect?

0:312:41Connect: Course Set-up Basics - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipUnder tell us about your course you'll enter a course name select your time zone and enterMoreUnder tell us about your course you'll enter a course name select your time zone and enter registration dates.

How do I copy a McGraw Hill Connect course?

0:003:02For Instructors: How to Copy a Course - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipName start and end dates. And check the textbook selection. Once you've made your adjustments.MoreName start and end dates. And check the textbook selection. Once you've made your adjustments. Choose save at the bottom of the page. Next select done to return to your course.

Where is the access code in a McGraw Hill textbook?

Students. If you purchased a new textbook, look for the access code inside the first few pages of the book or in the printed access kit that is shrinkwrapped with the book.

How do I use a Connect code?

Option 1: Access Code. Enter your 20-digit Connect access code and click REDEEM.Option 2: Purchase Connect Online. Purchase access with either a credit card by clicking Purchase or Paypal account by clicking PayPal under the desired option.Option 3: Temporary Access.

How do I download a McGraw Hill eBook to PDF?

When you select “Open eBook” there will be options to download the full book content as a PDF file, which can be printed.

How do I copy a section of Connect?

1:392:47CONNECT Copying or Sharing Your Course Section - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipInto your Connect account. Under my courses locate. The course then the section to copy your sectionMoreInto your Connect account. Under my courses locate. The course then the section to copy your section to a colleague's Connect account click on the section. Options menu then choose copy.

How do I enter a code on McGraw Hill Connect?

Steps to Redeem Student Content Click the yellow Redeem Content button on your ConnectED homepage. Enter the 16-digit Master Code for your Student Edition in the fields at the top of the screen and click Next. Click Redeem under the Student Edition listed under Available Products.

How do I get a access code for McGraw Hill Connect?

An online access code can be purchased directly from McGraw Hill's website at An access card is a physical card that contains an access code. Students would need to purchase the access card from the campus bookstore.

What are access codes for textbooks?

Access codes (also referred to as textbook access codes, student access codes or a student access kit) is a series of letters and numbers that allows you access to your courses online content and/or additional study material.

How do you register a textbook on Connect?

0:132:00How to Register for your Connect course - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipProcess is to visit the connect url provided by your instructor. You'll be taken to the connectMoreProcess is to visit the connect url provided by your instructor. You'll be taken to the connect welcome page which will display your course name instructor's name and course textbook.

2. Add new Module

Click the + button associated with the Module group where you want the McGraw-Hill external tool to be located.

Article Summary

You have successfully paired your course with McGraw-Hill Campus Connect.

How to opt out of McGraw Hill?

You may opt out at any time by contacting McGraw Hill’s local privacy officer or selecting “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you receive from us.

Why create groups of assignment questions?

Create groups of assignment questions to prevent your students from sharing answers.

Do content updates flow into assessments?

Content updates flow directly into assessments, so your tests are always current.

Does McGraw Hill have a proctorio?

McGraw Hill is partnering with Proctorio to provide new remote proctoring and browser locking capabilities within Connect. This new Connect platform tool will provide more control of the assessment or homework environment by enabling security options and verifying each student’s identity.

What does it mean when you don't see the register now button?

This means that your instructor specified a registration time frame and the registration deadline expired. Please reach out to the instructor.

Do you have to create a new account if you have the same username?

As long as you use the same username (e-mail) as the previous semester, you will not be required to create a new account. If the Connect access from your previous registration has not yet expired, you will not be asked to purchase access or enter a code.

Do you need to register for a course on Connect?

If your instructor is using Connect, you should have received registration instructions for your course. If your school is using a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard, D2L, Angel, and others, you may be required to register through your school's website. You may also receive a course specific web address (URL) from your instructor.

Can you use Connect as self study?

If your instructor is not using Connect, you may still access various Connect disciplines as self study. Not all disciplines are available as self study. Most disciplines require instructor use. Please visit to learn more.