a(n) ___ is a named memory location whose value can vary. course hero

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What is a named memory location whose value can vary?

A variable is a named memory location which temporarily stores data that can change while the program is running.

What are named memory location which can change their value during program execution?

Answer: Variables are the memory location whose contents keeps on changing during the execution of the program.

Is name a for memory location into which we store a value?

Constant is the answer. A constant is a name given to memory location that contains a value.

Is a name given to a memory location where the value is not fixed and it can change with the course of time?

A variable is a memory location . It has a name that is associated with that location. The memory location is used to hold data. The key difference when comparing a constant to a variable is that the value associated with a variable name may change during program execution.

Is variable a memory location?

So, a variable is a named location in main memory that has three characteristics: a name, a content, and a memory address. How the compiler interprets a variable's name - either its address its contents - is determined by where the name appears in a given statement.

What is variable location?

In computer programming, a variable is an abstract storage location paired with an associated symbolic name, which contains some known or unknown quantity of information referred to as a value; or in simpler terms, a variable is a container for a particular set of bits or type of data (like integer, float, String etc.. ...

Which memory stores the value of variables?

Variables are usually stored in RAM. This is either on the heap (e.g. all global variables will usually go there) or on the stack (all variables declared within a method/function usually go there). Stack and Heap are both RAM, just different locations.

What is variable memory?

A variable is the name of a memory cell. It is "variable" because the value in the cell can change. Each memory cell has an address. Python and other high-level languages use a symbol table to map a variable name to the address it represents.

What is variable memory address?

But it can also be used to get the memory address of a variable; which is the location of where the variable is stored on the computer. When a variable is created in C++, a memory address is assigned to the variable. And when we assign a value to the variable, it is stored in this memory address.

Is known as alias name of memory location?

Aliasing: Aliasing refers to the situation where the same memory location can be accessed using different names. For Example, if a function takes two pointers A and B which have the same value, then the name A[0] aliases the name B[0] i.e., we say the pointers A and B alias each other.

What is meant by the term memory location?

(storage) A byte, word or other small unit of storage space in a computer's main memory that is identified by its starting address (and size).

Which of the following type of memory that stores data in a fixed location?

The Correct Answer is ROM. The permanent memory of a computer is known as ROM(Read-only memory).