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What is the difference between raid and JBOD?

The RAID stores the same data repeatedly on multiple disks. However, these disks will be appeared on the operating system like a single disk. Similarly, JBOD makes the disks display on the OS as a single disk. Differently, JBOD will combine the drives into one larger logical one.

What happens if a drive fails in a JBOD enclosure?

If a drive fails in a JBOD enclosure, it can be recovered with ease. Nevertheless, the exact situation relies on the way that the operating system manages the disks. Hence, this advantage is not obvious. Read here, you may have a further understanding of JBOD. Probably, this is why JBOD is not highly recommended for users.

What are the advantages of JBOD disk?

Tip: Compared with a single disk, JBOD doesn’t have any advantages for it will not offer you any fault tolerance or performance improvement like RAID. What is JBOD? The above content is the basic information of JBOD. To get more information about JBOD, please keep reading this post of MiniTool.

Why does RAID 0 have storage limits?

Most RAID levels have storage capacity limits due to data being mirrored or parity checked (RAID 0 is the only level that uses the total storage capacity).


Usually, these enclosures are not configured to act as a RAID, but it is possible. JBOD is ideal for big data and local storage applications due to the large space, data transfer speed, and reliability of this particular chassis. By themselves, the disks in the JBOD enclosure can:

Can you use both hard drives and solid state drives?

Both array options can use both hard drives and solid state drives of various capacities. If a drive is damaged, the drive in the enclosure or array can be replaced without shutting down the host system. If users need frequent access to data stored on different servers, hot swapping a disk will come in handy more than ever.

Is there a difference between JBOD and RAID 0?

If there is a question about JBOD recovery, you can rest assured, there is no difference between JBOD vs RAID 0 at all: in both cases, recovery is best done using DiskInternals RAID Recovery. The application does an excellent job of recovering any data, automatically detecting the desired type and size or array, as well as the order of the disks.

Can you convert a drive with 512 bytes?

You cannot convert drives with volumes that use an allocation unit size greater than 512 bytes.

Do NAS devices have to have a web interface?

NAS devices must run their own operating system and typically provide a web interface for administrative access; SAN devices do not have to have either one.

About JBOD

JBOD is short for Just a Bunch of Disks or Just a Bunch of Drives, which is a storage structure including multiple disk drives within one single storage enclosure. It refers to the hard disks on the computer that haven’t been configured in terms of RAID(Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks). JBOD drives are indivi…
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The Purpose of The JBOD

JBOD and Raid Comparison

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