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Does increased diversity lead to greater conflict?

Increased diversity that leads to greater conflict may cause diversity fatigue, which is the phenomenon of employees being skeptical about their company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. So, what can organizations do to manage the conflict that is likely to occur with increased diversity?

How does diversity-related conflict arise when a person in the numerical minority?

He decides to keep his distance from Carla – which hampers collaboration between their two departments. When diversity-related conflict arises, the person in the numerical minority may feel an intense need to be proved “right” about having experienced prejudicial treatment based on his or her minority status.

Does diversity in a team make a difference?

Diverse teams make better decisions than homogeneous ones, are more creative, and handle complex challenges more effectively. Yet diversity can also spark conflict.

How can we deal with diversity-related tensions?

One way to deal more productively with diversity-related tensions is to understand what it feels like to be “different” – to be a member of the numerical minority or in a position of relatively little power.

Why is it important to adopt a multicultural versus colorblind perspective?

It is important for organizations to understand that diversity efforts are not a laissez-faire process. In order to see success when implementing these programs, leadership must recognize the critical role that they play.

What is transformational leadership?

Transformational leaders are those who can inspire and encourage their followers.

Is diversity and inclusion necessary?

There is little argument that diversity and inclusion are necessary components of every organization, yet the effective implementation of a program that creates more diversity and inclusion seems to elude most companies.

Is conflict a failure?

Conflict is not a failure unless it is mismanaged or not dealt with properly. Ensuring that leadership adopts transformational traits is beneficial when implementing these programs and in order to manage the inevitable conflicts that will occur. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn .

Does diversity affect creativity?

In addition, research has found that conflict related to increased diversity may also take a toll on employee creativity.

Is diversity good for the organization?

There is a growing body of evidence that supports the positive outcomes of diversity. Greater board diversity within an organization can lead to greater profits, according to McKinsey research, and diversity can lead to more creativity and innovation, Scientific American states. There is little argument that diversity and inclusion are necessary ...

Can authentic workplace interactions be shamed?

Genuine, authentic workplace interactions cannot be built on shame; both parties need to see value in working with each other and in themselves.”. In addition, research indicates that acknowledging team differences, rather than shying away from them, may be a critical component to the success of a diverse team.

Why is difference important?

Finally, difference matters because there is a growing moral imperative to include others who have been historically marginalized in our society.

What is the moral imperative of difference?

So the moral imperative of difference means that diversity is the just and equitable course of action and something we should pursue intentionally.

Why is group work successful?

Your group work will be more successful if you have a better understanding of the people your work will affect. And that will improve if your group includes people from different backgrounds with different perspectives. And this is far from mere charity.

How to improve group communication?

In this course you will learn to: make better decisions, be more creative and innovative, manage conflict and work with difficult group members, negotiate for preferred outcomes, improve group communication in virtual environments, develop a better overall understanding of human interaction, and work more effectively as a team. Our goal is to help you understand these important dynamics of group communication and learn how to put them into practice to improve your overall teamwork.

What is module 3?

Module 3 is all about conflict, difference, and diversity. We’ll learn how groups can have a good fight and how you can choose the right words in a dispute…as well as how to negotiate with others when things get difficult. We’ll also explore why difference and diversity are so important for group communication, and how understanding the concept of identity is critical for our involvement in groups. And we’ll pay special attention to communication and gender, one of the most significant aspects of difference and diversity for groups to understand.

What is the purpose of the team building wheel?

The Team-building Wheel. This wheel, developed by William Sonnenschein in The Diversity Toolkit, can be used to maintain a high-performance team in a diverse workplace. It is a wheel because it eliminates the need for a hierarchy and shows the team-building process as a circular one.

Why do organizations have zero tolerance policies?

Organizations must have a zero tolerance policy for the "isms," as hatred only leads to conflict that cannot be solved and no compromises can be made. Sexual harassment is one area of conflict that many companies cannot seem to overcome. This kind of discrimination causes many problems, including:

How much does sexual harassment decrease production?

Victims of sexual harassment tend to experience a 10 percent decrease in production as well. Those who witness the sexual harassment have a 2 percent decrease, according to the survey. As time goes on, this does not change much and shows the impact that sexual harassment can have on an organization.

What happens when conflict does not create innovative solutions?

When conflict does not create innovative solutions, it often creates destruction. Many employees are unable to work when there is conflict brewing, even if it is for the generation of new ideas. What tends to happen is that people become sour and negative.

Why is conflict unique?

Conflict is unique in that, although it may cause turmoil, without it people tend to become complacent. If you do not have an incompatibility of ideas in the workplace, then it is difficult to keep moving forward. Organizations need challenge in order to grow. Another unique aspect of conflict: It generates ideas.

How to improve team performance?

Diversity often causes a lack of confidence, but this can be reversed. Encourage a supportive climate in which team members respect one another for being unique and praise one another for doing what they do well.

What is a team leader?

A team leader should develop a supportive climate, be supportive of all members, and encourage support among members. Team members should feel as though they are respected and safe and know that it is okay to make mistakes. Team members should also be able to take constructive criticism.

What Is Conflict?

Many mass workplace conflicts have occurred far too often, especially in diverse environments where opinions, ideas, and statements can be misunderstood. As a result, XYZ Corporation's human resource executive hires a conflict resolution consultant to facilitate a workshop for its employees.


Treating people and/or their beliefs with a lack of dignity is disrespectful. Disrespectful comments, whether intended or unintended, have the same impact. Juan asks XYZ employees to identify statements or phrases that could be construed as disrespectful. Here are some examples they mention:

Negative Recognition and Identity

The second type of conflict relates to recognition and identity. Juan states that most people believe recognition and identity are positive aspects in the workplace. We've all seen the employee recognized for perfect attendance or the employee who's identified as the first woman to earn a high-level position.

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