which of the following is not an example of presentation usage in healthcare? course hero

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Where does Kendra work?

Place received checks in different locations. Kendra works in an abortion clinic and has been asked to develop a proactive plan for safe mail handling. Her recommendations include receiving all mail in one location, developing a list of risk identifiers, and establishing protocol for suspicious mail.

What is chief complaint?

chief complaint. the main reason a patient seeks medical services. urgent. medical condition requiring treatment as a result of an unforeseen illness, injury, or condition but is not defined as an emergency. shared medical appointment. a method of scheduling patients that has the advantage of patient interaction.

How many hours does Maria work?

Maria works exclusively inputting data into medical records. She seldom takes a break from inputting and works 4 days per week, 10 hours each day. While driving, she noticed a change in her distance vision.

What are the components of data strategy?

The components of data strategy are: Data standardization and integration. This concept focuses on how the data is being entered into the system, where the data is going within the system, where the same data might exist in multiple areas, and how it is being integrated into other applications. Data quality.

What is a single database?

A single database that makes it possible to access data that exists in multiple databases through one single query and reporting interface. Data mining. the process of extracting from a database or data warehouse information stored in discrete, structured data format-that is, data that has a specific value.

What is data governance?

Data governance. The enterprise authority that ensures control and accountability for enterprise data through the establishment of decision rights and data policies and standards that are implemented and monitored through a formal structure of assigned roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities.

What is the definition of index?

A listing of all physicians within an organization with all the diagnosis and procedure codes linked to the provider within the index. Physician index. A listing of all physicians within an organization with all the diagnosis and procedure codes linked to the provider within the index. Indices. plural of index.

What is a health care provider?

Health Care Providers. - An individual licensed to examine, diagnose, and prescribe treatment to patients. - Hospitals and clinics are also referred to as health care providers. Physicians. - Invest many years in education to learn art and science of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

What is reciprocity in medical?

Reciprocity. - One state recognizes the licensing requirements of another state as being the same or more stringent than their own. - Used with physicians who move to another state. - Also used when a physician lives on the border of 2 states, lives in one state and wishes to work in the other. Revocation.