which of the following are the correct definitions of angular momentum? course hero

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How can you prove that angular momentum is quantized?

  • In 1900, Planck came up with the fact that radiation is quantized.
  • In 1905, Einstein suggested that light is made up of quantum states which behave like a particle and follow the energy-mass equivalence.
  • In 1909, Rutherford determines that the nucleus is at the centre and that most of the atom is empty.

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How to get moment from angular momentum?

  • Find the moment of inertia tensor for these masses when they start rotating.
  • Show that the angular momentum is in the same direction as the angular velocity.
  • Can you find an angular velocity vector that produces an angular momentum vector in a different direction?

How to evaluate commutator with angular momentum?

ANGULAR MOMENTUM - COMMUTATORS 2 with the corresponding equation for the other two components following from the cyclic permutation. In quantum mechanics, two quantities that can be simultaneously deter-mined precisely have operators which commute. We can therefore calculate the commutators of the various components of the angular momentum to

What is the formula of angular momentum?

The angular momentum formula is the rotational equivalent to the linear momentum. Both of the concepts deal with how quickly anything is moving. Moreover, it also deals with how difficult it is to change the speed. However, linear momentum had only 2 variables that are mass and speed.