where would i go after i completed professional pilot course at ccbc?

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Pilots with a commercial pilot certificate and instructor credentials may find employment with regional and major airlines, corporate flight departments, charter or cargo operators, agricultural flying, flight schools, or with a government agency or military service.

What degree do you need to be a professional pilot?

No, you don't need a college degree to become a pilot.

How long does it take to become a professional pilot?

Ideally, becoming a pilot should only take 3 to 4 years, the time it takes to get your Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight. Getting an education is also good for a consistency of training, so it's preferred to wait to start your journey until you are in a certified school, like LETU.

What is the path to become a pilot?

There are two key paths to gain the training and licenses necessary to become a commercial airline pilot: civilian flight school or the military. For either path, you will typically need to earn a bachelor's degree first, though the degree can be in any field.

Which institute is best for becoming a pilot?

Top 20 Flying Schools In India
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA)
  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC)
  • National Flying Training Institute (NFTI)
  • Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd. ( AAA)
  • Bombay Flying Club.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy.
  • Government Flying Training School.
  • OFAA – Orient Flights Aviation Academy.
Nov 3, 2021

Is pilot hard to study?

The Commercial Pilot License Training course is tough and it requires some preliminary skills that an aspiring pilot should possess. Throughout the entire course, these skills are nurtured and sharpened which finally helps you to be a great Airline Pilot.

What course should I take after 12th to become a pilot?

Pilot courses after 12th-
B.Tech. Aeronautical EngineeringClass 12 in Science (PCM) with a minimum of 50% marks
B.Sc. Aviation
BBA AviationClass 12 with a minimum of 50% marks (any stream)
Diploma in Cabin Crew Training
2 more rows
Sep 27, 2021

How can I become a pilot fast?

It takes two months to become a pilot and earn your private pilot license. To become an airline pilot, it takes two years to gain the required 1,500 hours flight time.
Total Hours Required
Private Pilot License40 Hours
Commercial Pilot Certificate250 Hours
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate1,500 Hours

What is the fees for pilot course in India?

Pilot training in India cost about 35-40 lacs from a DGCA approved reputed flight school, for getting a Commercial Pilot license along with a multi-engine instrument rating.

How is pilot career in India?

In India, if one should have a flying experience of 250 hours they can work as a commercial pilot. The salary of commercial pilot is high in India. As a fresher, they can earn Rs 1.5 Lakh per month.

Where can I study pilot in India?

To study and train for a Pilot in India, here are some of the most renowned colleges in the country.
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy.
  • Bombay Flying Club.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology.
  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club.
  • National Flying Training Institute.
  • Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Limited.

What is DGCA exam for pilot?

What are DGCA exams? DGCA Exams are not any entrance exams these are exams which every student pilot needs to pass for the issuance of cpl and you need to score a minimum of 70 marks in each subject.

Which company is best for pilot in India?

  • Indian Air Force. 4.7. ★★★★★ 471. Reviews. ...
  • Spicejet. 3.4. 377. Reviews. 449. ...
  • Pilot Flying J. 3.3. ★★★★★ 1.6T. Reviews. ...
  • Tata Consultancy Services. 3.9. ★★★★★ 99.5T. Reviews. ...
  • Indian Navy. 4.6. ★★★★★ 388. Reviews. ...
  • IndiGo Airlines. 3.7. 327. Reviews. 395. ...
  • Indian Railways. 4.1. ★★★★★ 688. Reviews. 786. ...
  • The Emirates Group. 4.0. ★★★★★ 3.5T. Reviews. Salaries.


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