what is a human sexuality course

by Nash Tillman 3 min read

Course Description. This course is an exploration of the study of human sexuality as an all-embracing, all-pervasive gift of God to each and every human being.

Is human sexuality a science course?

This course provides students with an overview of human sexuality, garnered from scientific research and theory. Students will have the opportunity to analyze and reflect upon their own sexuality as well as to study the many forms of human sexual expression.

What are your goals for this course on human sexuality?

GOALS. The goals of this course are: 1. To increase awareness and appreciation of different views concerning sexuality in relation to one's gender, age, sexual orientation, and religious, racial and/or ethnic background.

Why should students study human sexuality?

Understanding the psychology behind human sexuality is important because our relationship with sex often acts as a barometer of our wider health and happiness.

What can you do with a sexology degree?

CareersMental Health Counselor.Sexuality Education.Psychology.Senior Home Care Coordinator.Childcare Improvement Trainer.Rape Victim Support Center.Planned Parenthood.Community Health Educator.More items...

What is the importance of sexuality?

Sexuality is important to us because it represents an activity that is a rite of passage into adulthood, because it is very pleasurable, and because it reinforces our roles and aspirations as males and females. Yet sexuality is truly a passive part of our daily lives.

What is the purpose of sexuality?

Sexuality is one of the fundamental drives behind everyone's feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It defines the means of biological reproduction, describes psychological and sociological representations of self, and orients a person's attraction to others. Further, it shapes the brain and body to be pleasure-seeking.

Who studied human sexuality?

Alfred KinseyKinsey's research on human sexuality, foundational to the field of sexology, provoked controversy in the 1940s and 1950s....Alfred KinseyKnown forSexology and human sexuality Kinsey Reports Kinsey scale Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction10 more rows

How many years does it take to become a sexologist?

Education and Supervision Requirements The 150 education hours may be taken continuously and completed in less than a year or the student may take up to two years to complete the program. Supervision may be taken concurrently with the education program.

What does a sexologist do in bed?

Clinical Sexologists facilitate clients' sexual growth by helping them to identify their sexual goals and by offering education, resources, tools and techniques to help them meet those goals and ultimately manage their own sexual growth.

Is sexology a major?

Sexologists generally have Master's or doctoral degree, or some other type of advanced professional degree. While there are some training and certification programs available in sexology specifically, these are not absolutely essential to becoming a sexologist.