what are short course trucks also called

by Sophia Glover 10 min read

Short course trucks, a similar type of R/C car, much more closely resemble full-size trophy trucks. Although stadium trucks have no direct full-size counterpart, their name refers to types of full-size R/C vehicles that are raced on a closed circuit or stadium rather than a long, outdoor road course.

What does a short course RC truck come with?

Short course trucks are designed after the full size trucks that are used in stadiums and other short course tracks. Saying short course RC trucks is simply a way to describe their design style and they are not any less durable and don’t have a shorter battery life than a typical RC truck.

What is a nitro short course truck?

Oct 05, 2015 · The nitro short course truck is a new category in the RC arena. Becoming popular only a few months ago, anyone entering this class can enjoy closed-wheel off road racing and the long run times of nitro. Plus, it just looks awesome when a plume of smoke is coming off the back of a realistic looking SC Truck.

Is the exceed Racing Factory’s new short course RC truck the right option?

Short course off-road racing is a form of auto racing involving the racing of modified vehicles on a dirt road closed course of a short length (tens of kilometers / miles or less). It is distinct from long course desert racing such as the Baja 1000, which consists of racing at least hundreds of kilometers / miles over a quasi linear (non-closed) course from one point to another.

What is a 1/8 scale electric short course truck?

The also have the largest foot print out of the three. As a result they tend to be heavier so you can run a faster motor and still get decent grip out of your tires due to extra weight. Stadium trucks are like a hybrid of the two. When you don't want the lightness, and fragility of a buggy, but also don't want the loose slop inherent in the sct's.


What is a short course truck?

Short course off-road racing is a form of auto racing involving the racing of modified vehicles on a dirt road closed course of a short length (tens of kilometers / miles or less).

What's the difference between a short course truck and a stadium truck?

The main differences between Stadium Trucks and Short Course is the wheelbase(chassis), width(tires) and tires(contact patch). Clearly the body is different with the SCT classes having the tires under the fenders like the real TORC/LOORS/Trophy trucks.Feb 12, 2010

What makes a Baja truck?

A trophy truck, also known as a Baja truck or trick truck, is a vehicle used in high-speed off-road racing. This is an open production class and all components are considered legal unless specifically restricted.

What is short track RC?

If you are an RC car enthusiast, then you must have heard of short course racing. When I was new to the RC world I always wondered what short course racing is. Short course RC racing is an RC racing event in which all the racers attempt to get the most number of laps in a set time.Apr 10, 2021

What is the difference between a stadium truck and a Truggy?

truggy is a bigger truck, bigger motor tires ect.. Generally, stadium trucks are 1/10th scale 2wd, while truggies are 1/8th scale 4wd. There are exceptions to this, but that's the basic idea. Generally, stadium trucks are 1/10th scale 2wd, while truggies are 1/8th scale 4wd.Jul 4, 2011

What is an RC stadium truck?

A stadium truck is a small, off-road radio-controlled car, either rear wheel drive (example: Arrma Voltage) or four wheel drive (example: Arrma Vorteks).

What is a prerunner truck?

It's typically a truck or a buggy modified for high-speed off-road racing and used by racers to pre run (test run) the course before competitions, without the risk of damaging the main race vehicle. A prerunner is usually similar to a race vehicle, but more simple in terms of performance and construction.

Why is it called a trophy truck?

Thankfully, there is a variety of sports pickup – the “trophy truck” – that is intended to be an unstoppable off-road machine. The trophy truck class was invented in 1994 as an unlimited off-road class. Granted, a trophy truck's ability to “pick up” anything at all is completely absent, but these are racers.Mar 26, 2021

What is a 6100 truck?

These trucks are Trophy Trucks with a Spec engine that fly through the desert maintaining speed from wheel travel. Giving ground to a competitive class where you have a chance to win not having to go up against the likes of Robby Gordon, BJ Baldwin and Rob MacCachren.

What is the fastest short course RC truck?

Traxxas 24076-4 Bandit VXL is the fastest RC truck with a top speed of 70 mph. It has waterproof electronics that make it possible to operate in mud, water, and snow.

What is the most popular RC racing class?

The most popular classes worldwide are: 1/10th off road 2 wheel drive & 4 wheel dive electric. 1/10th on road nitro and electric. 1/8th off road nitro and electric.

What is a stadium RC truck?

There are a lot of different types of RC cars on the market today and more and more types and models are being added all the time. While it used to just be cars and trucks there are now all sorts of different subtypes such as the Stadium RC trucks.

RC stadium truck vs short course truck

If you have narrowed down your RC vehicle choice to a stadium truck and short course truck you likely will want to know exactly what the differences are between the two so you can make the best possible decision.


I hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions about short course RC trucks. This is an incredibly popular segment of the RC car market and will likely continue to be going forward so you are likely to see many people using this style of RC vehicle.

What is RC truck?

Size / Scale. RC trucks are for both kids and adults, there are various RC trucks specially designed for big boys. So that why for some a small sized is suitable while for others a larger one is a good choice. To get an idea about the size of the truck, check its dimensions and the scale.

What is a 2 wheel drive truck?

It makes you a better driver, making you more challenging and it toughens you for difficult competitions. A 2 wheel drive runs in straight lines and is able to make a 180-degree turn.

Is Exceed Racing Factory short course?

The Exceed Racing Factory has recently introduced a stunning looking short course RC truck. If you are in a search of a ready to run short course RC truck then this is the right option.

What is the best terrain for RC vehicles?

Pavement. Pavement is the best terrain for short course RC vehicles as they provide the least resistance, plus when it comes to concrete there are less limitations. All the recommended short course trucks can race on pavement without issues.

Is a brushless motor more expensive than a brushed motor?

Unlike brushed motors, brushless motors are more expensive, more durable and more efficient. They do not wear out as easily and quickly as brushed counterparts, however, they are expensive to replace when required. If you want a vehicle with more speed and power then go for the one with a brushless motor.

What is the oldest motor?

Brushed motors are the oldest form of motors; they are less expensive and efficient. Vehicles that have brushed motors are pretty affordable as compared to the ones with brushless motors.

Is a short course RC truck a waste of money?

Buying a short course RC truck knowing it may die a fiery death is just a waste of money. Make sure that the one you are buying is made from high-quality material that will last longer.