what are golf course advisors

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Golf Course Appraisers & Valuation Services - Advantage Golf Advisors Advantage Golf Advisors is a consulting and real estate appraisal firm specializing in golf and other recreational properties. Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we have appraised golf and recreational properties in 33 states as well as Canada and the Caribbean.

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Which golf courses have the best views in America?

Warwickshire's Kings Course was designed by Karl Litten in 1994. Courtesy of reviewer 'Ian65R' Wolf Creek Golf Club in Mesquite, Nev., wows golfers with incredible views.

Why choose Cushman&Wakefield for golf course brokerage?

In his capacity as Director at Cushman & Wakefield, Mr. Davis sold many notable golf courses throughout the United States. The strongest endorsement we can obtain is when our existing clients retain us for additional golf course brokerage assignments.

What are golf course and Country Club asset sales?

This means the property is being conveyed, not the entity that owns the asset. These golf course and country club asset sales include the golf course, the clubhouse, driving range, restaurant and bar (including liquor license), banquet facilities, maintenance facilities, carts and all the maintenance equipment.

Why fairway advisors?

Fairway Advisors’ golf courses for sale are exclusively listed, so you are dealing directly with ownership’s advisor. Why Fairway Advisors? Fairway Advisors’ core competencies are golf course brokerage and advisory services for the golf industry. Golf industry veteran Jeffrey Davis formed Fairway Advisors in 2005.

What is the job called when you work at a golf course?

PGA teaching professionals are sometimes called assistants and work underneath the head pro. Many of them teach, work in the golf shop and coordinate golf course events and tournaments. These staffers are many times certified PGA professionals or in the PGA apprentice program.

What are the different positions at a golf course?

Golf course jobsCart attendant. National average salary: $24,842 per year. ... Cashier. National average salary: $25,164 per year. ... Snack bar attendant. National average salary: $25,891 per year. ... Shop assistant. National average salary: $30,393 per year. ... Golf professional. ... Cook. ... Maintenance crew. ... Golf coach.More items...•

Is it worth it to work on a golf course?

One of the big perks of working at a golf course is the ability to play the course at a reduced rate, or sometimes for free. Workers usually play in the off-peak hours, when the course is less crowded and play tends to be faster. They often receive discounts at the pro shop and restaurants, too.

Do golf courses actually make money?

The most common income streams are green fees, membership fees, pro shop sales, and food and beverage sales. While increasing membership fees or green fees might seem like a good way to increase revenue, it might put off more golfers than the additional income earned.

Can you make good money working on a golf course?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $100,321 and as low as $18,375, the majority of salaries within the Golf Industry jobs category currently range between $32,777 (25th percentile) to $64,562 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $89,890 annually in California.

Who is in charge of a golf course?

A golf course superintendent is a person who professionally manages the labor, time, materials and financial resources needed to care for the turfgrass and landscaped grounds on a golf course. Golf course superintendents have also been referred to as greenskeepers and turf managers.

Whats it like being a Server at a country club?

They hold special events like weddings, anniversary parties, or other celebrations. Unlike restaurants that experience a rush at mealtimes, country clubs can be busy at any time during the day. Instawork Pros report that the fancy and fast-paced environment is what makes this a fun and satisfying shift to work.

How much money does the average golf course make?

According to the National Golf Foundation's 2010 Operating & Financial Performance Profiles of 18-hole golf facilities in the U.S., private 18-hole golf clubs had average total revenue of $3,277,000 in 2009, but with total expenses of $3,204,500.

How does golf generate money?

Golfers get paid so much because of sponsorships and tournament funds that are allocated to the tournament purse. Because of the attention to professional golf and the participation of brands and fans, there is quite a bit of money to give to the top players.

How many acres does it take to build a golf course?

“This means an 18-hole course of all short par 3s could be built on as little as 30 acres, while an intermediate length or executive course of 18 holes of par 3s and 4s would require 75-100 acres, and a full size par 72 course would need 120-200 acres.

What is Chambers Golf Business Advisors?

As a full-service firm committed to providing holistic solutions for our private club clients, Chambers is proud to offer services provided by Golf Business Advisors —a division of Chambers devoted to Executive Search, Membership Sales & Marketing, Operational Reviews and Golf Course Project Management—bringing you more value than ever before.

What is GBA golf?

For nearly three decades, Golf Business Advisors (GBA) has utilized its golf and resort operational and marketing experience to provide a full range of consulting and technical services. Since 1993, GBA has successfully worked with over 400 clients to create quality solutions with unsurpassed member and guest services and experiences.

Golf Course Brokerage

Fairway Advisors is a golf course brokerage and advisory firm specializing in the business of golf.


We offer advisory services to lenders, institutional investors, private clubs and bankruptcy trustees.


Fairway Advisors’ golf courses for sale are exclusively listed, so you are dealing directly with ownership’s advisor.

Golf Industry Brokerage

Fairway Advisors is a golf course brokerage and advisory firm specializing in the business of golf.

Advisory Services

We offer advisory services to lenders, institutional investors, private clubs and bankruptcy trustees.

Member Owned Clubs

Fairway Advisors is an expert in recapitalizations of member-owned clubs.

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The majority of our golf courses for sale aren’t found on the website. Please contact us to discuss our confidential listings.

What is GGA Partners?

GGA Partners helps elevate performance and drive growth for both privately-held and municipally-owned golf and leisure-related assets. GGA Partners helps residential real estate developers, homebuilders, and community leaders to strategically align amenities, operations, and financial plans for ongoing success and sustainability.

When was KPMG Golf founded?

Established in 1992 as the KPMG Golf Industry Practice, our global team of experienced professionals leverage in-depth business intelligence and proprietary global data to deliver impactful strategic solutions and lasting success.