talentlms does it email when you're assigned a course

by Prof. Filomena Abbott PhD 4 min read

Can I create and sell courses with TalentLMS?

How to add users to courses. How to upload a video as a course preview. How to clone courses and units. How to assign courses to users upon registration. How sorting works for courses. How to use TalentLMS for compliance training. How to set completion rules for courses. How to change the score-calculating method for a specific course.

What makes TalentLMS different from other learning platforms?

Feb 21, 2022 · If you’re on the hunt for a platform that does much of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating, selling, and managing courses, then TalentLMS is worth serious consideration. This LMS caters to both sides of the equation – the course creator and the students.

What is TalentLMS?

Feb 21, 2020 · In addition to plain email notifications, TalentLMS can also be used to create automatic events like “assigning course A in 24 hours from the moment that a new user registers with the platform”. Unfortunately, this feature is not included with the free plan, so I wasn’t able to test it. Reporting

How many people do you train with TalentLMS?

The TalentLMS platform is intuitive and quick to set up allowing our teams around the world to access up-to-date courses without the need to install software. And it’s mobile friendly, allowing our ‘remote’ sales representatives to gain knowledge and training on a more regular basis.

How do I assign a course in TalentLMS?

1. Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator, go to Home > Users and go to the page of the user you want to update. 2. Go to the Courses tab and click the add symbol (2) for each course you want to assign to the user.

How can I download certificate from TalentLMS?

If you want your learners to download their certification, follow these steps:Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator, go to Home > Events engine and click Add notification (1).Type a Name (2) for your notification in the respective field.More items...

How do I change my email on TalentLMS?

To customize a default system email, follow these steps:Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator and go to Home > Events engine.Click the drop-down symbol next to Add Notification, and choose Customize system notifications (1).More items...

How do I delete a course in TalentLMS?

How to delete users and courses permanentlySign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator, and go to Home > Reports > Timeline (1).From the Event drop-down list, choose User deletion or Course deletion (2).More items...

How do I create a certificate in LMS talent?

TalentLMS lets you create custom certificates to award your users for completing their courses....Here's how in a few steps:Sign in to your TalentLMS account and go to Home > Account & Settings > Certifications (1).Click to Upload your own background (2). You have two options: ... Click Update to save your template.

How can I create account without email?

0:002:56How to Make a Google Account without Gmail - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIf you are using non gmail account you need to click on the use my current email address instead itMoreIf you are using non gmail account you need to click on the use my current email address instead it will reveal a new field where you can enter your email.

How do I create a user account without email?

0:182:17How to create new Win 10 user account (without email) - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOption I simply go to start make your way over to settings. Navigate over to where it says accounts.MoreOption I simply go to start make your way over to settings. Navigate over to where it says accounts.

How do you add a discussion on TalentLMS?

How to use discussions as course unitsSign in to your TalentLMS account as Instructor.On the right-hand panel, click Discussions.Click New topic.On the dialog box that pops up, add the details of your topic (i.e., title, message, attachments).More items...

How can I hide my course in TalentLMS?

Here's how:Log in to your portal as Administrator (1) and visit Account & Settings (2).On the Basic settings (3) tab, go to Course settings (4).Uncheck (5) the option Show branch courses on the main catalog and Save (6) your changes.

How do I remove a user from TalentLMS?

To self-delete their account, a user has to:Sign in to their TalentLMS account, point to their name on the top bar and click My Info (1) to go to their profile page.Click More and, then, click Delete your account (2).On the dialog box that pops up, click Delete to confirm.

How do I Unenroll from LMS?

Unenrolling from a CourseUnenrolling from a Course. On the Online Training landing page, find and click the name of the program from which you would like to unenroll.Click the 'Unsubscribe' button on the left.In the window that appears, click 'Unsubscribe'.Congratulations, you have withdrawn from this LMS course!

What is TalentLMS branch?

In terms of branding, TalentLMS offers you the ability to split your account into several instances called “branches.”. A branch can have a custom color scheme, logo, background, and login page in addition to letting you pick a different language and time zone compared to the main instance.

Is TalentLMS good for business?

Academic: Even though TalentLMS is more suitable for business use, it can also be a solid choice for an academic institution. In fact, it is used by the University of Arizona.

Can you upload PowerPoint to LMS?

The platform supports a wide variety of formats and standards, including SCORM 1.2 and xAPI. You can upload PowerPoint presentations straight to the LMS and they will be displayed in the browser as learning content.


If Customer wishes to make a Customer Course Store Course available via the LMS Course Store, Customer will submit such request to Epignosis along with any additional materials Epignosis requires, which may include course title, description, image, completion rules, and price. Epignosis may disapprove such request in Epignosis’ sole discretion.


Customer’s use of the LMS Course Store is explicitly conditioned on Customer’s adherence to these Terms, including without limitation, the restrictions and compliance requirements set forth in this Section 3.


Upon providing Epignosis with 30 days’ written notice in advance of the first day of the succeeding calendar month, Customer may remove its Customer Course Store Courses from future distribution via the LMS Course Store, but Customer must comply with these Terms for any Customer Course Store Courses through the LMS Course Store, including but not limited to refund requirements.

Talent LMS was perfect for our needs

Talent LMS was perfect for our needs. We only need to do one course once a year and all the other competitors were much more expensive. All the basic features are there but it does not have all the features of the bigger LMS companies.

Simple and Effective

Very easy to build, track, and maintain training courses and testing! Love the certificate feature!

Amazing tool

Amazing tool. Easy and fast to learn. Intuitive.#N#Free options are great to get the whole picture.

Very intuitive

User friendly interfaces, very intuitive. Love the simple course creation function - just drag and drop. One advice is to have offline queuing function so learners can do assignment offline then upload when there's wifi/internet.

Nice services

Nice services but I wish the free module would allow several more administrators/teachers/students

Long time happy user

I've used TalentLMS for both professional (10k+ users, 200+ multi-tenant environments) and personal account to showcase my work. It has all of the necessary features without some of the higher-end features, making it a very clean interface emphasizing ease of use. In other words, its feature-rich where 98% of users will be satisfied.


I discovered TalentLMS at a perfect time in my career. I started a new job and needed to quickly distribute training, recruiting and on-boarding content to multiple employees, in multiple cities, representing multiple departments.

It's Web-Based

For web content authors looking to monetize their work through a commercial training offering, a web-based platform such as TalentLMS is obviously a great fit.

It's Also Mobile

Of course, the web is hardly the place where all the action is these days, with traditional webpages seeing fierce competition from mobile applications and platforms.

It's Easy To Setup

Just because a content author offers their expertise on some topic on the web, it doesn't mean that they are also experts on the web itself, or that they understand all the intricacies of setting up web servers and configuring online payments.

It's Familiar

With TalentLMS there's nothing much to learn either (about administering and using it, that is; obviously your learners will have tons to learn on TalentLMS about their chosen subjects).

Selling Is Easy

TalentLMS comes with built-in support for commercial eLearning -- and setting it up is literally a two (or, well, three) click affair.

It's Extensible

If you have more ambitious ideas for your eLearning offering, or need to hook it up to some legacy or third party service, TalentLMS can cover that too.

It's Affordable

TalentLMS is offered as a subscription-based service (though there's also a free account limited to 5 learners meant for test drives and/or very limited training needs).