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For Computer, Browse any course in any browser using your Pluralsight account. When you select any courses, you will see “Download Course” option. Click on “Download Course” your Pluralsight application will launch, and your course starts to download.

Important: You must be logged into to download from your browser. Once you've found a course to download on Skills, on the course page, click the Download course option under the course description. This will begin the process of downloading to your offline player.

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What are the best courses on Pluralsight?

You will learn the following:

  • What are generics and why
  • How to work with generics
  • What are generic classes and interfaces
  • Many more

How to get Pluralsight training access for free?

⦿ Pluralsight Partnerships: Microsoft Azure

  1. Register for Microsoft Azure for Students
  2. Visit Education Hub and click Software
  3. Select Pluralsight offer, and then click Activate to redeem you’re a year of free access to Pluralsight and 35-course library benefit.

Is Pluralsight good for beginners?

Pluralsight is one of the best online learning platforms for beginners out there (if not the best), because Pluralsight have a full control over who can create and upload courses. It also has features like: RoleIQ, SkillIQ, Currated Learning Paths, Ongoing assessments, Live Practice Projects, Interactive courses, Exam Prep and Certificates of Completion, and so much more.

How to get Pluralsight free?

  • Go to Microsoft and create a new Microsoft Account. ...
  • Go to visualstudiodotcom and sign-in with your Microsoft account.
  • This will open the Visual Studio Dev Essentials page. ...
  • You'll be taken to the Pluralsight website to activate and redeem your 6-month subscription.

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How do I download a project from Pluralsight?

To download exercise files:Browse through the course library and choose your desired course.Click on the Exercise files tab.Download and extract the zip file.

Will downloaded Pluralsight videos be available offline after my subscription expires?

Conversation. Hi there Your videos on the offline player will be removed when your subscription expires. To continue to have access to the offline courses you downloaded, you will need to renew your subscription.

How do I download Pluralsight videos on my phone?

Originally Answered: How can I download PluralSight training videos? Plus subscription allows you to download 30 modules on mobile and tablet devices for offline viewing. You'll need to download PluralSight app from the app store. Then login and click the save button next to each module.

How do I copy a video from Pluralsight?

Active MemberGo to the course you want, click "start course" so that you have the modules on the right and the video player on the left. ... Open the Developer Console (ctrl+shift+i)Click 'console'You're going to copy and paste some stuff, one after another.

Can you use Pluralsight offline?

All paid Pluralsight Skills subscribers have access to offline viewing, which means you can use our mobile apps to download courses to your device and view them without an Internet connection.

How do I download Pluralsight videos on Chrome?

Usage. NOTE: To start the download login into your pluralsight account, open a course and play any video from that course. Now press e to enable the key bindings of extension and c to download the course. * Don't close the tab in which you started the download.

Can Pluralsight videos be downloaded?

With an active Pluralsight Skills subscription, you can download up to 30 courses per device for offline viewing on the macOS or Windows offline player.

How do I download Pluralsight from Youtube DL?

Disclaimer. Pluralsight do not permit users to download their videos. ... Download youtube-dl. You can get it here from their official web-site.Create a bat script file. ... Paste in the script in the file. ... Begin downloading videos. ... Download youtube-dl. ... Create the bash script file. ... Paste in the script.More items...

Is Pluralsight free?

Individuals can try out Pluralsight Skills using a free trial. You have 10 days or 200 minutes of access to our content, whichever comes first. Click here to sign up for your free trial. Important: If you do not cancel your trial within the 10 days, your trial will automatically convert into a paid subscription.

How do I add a device in Pluralsight?

Open the Pluralsight app. Click the Use Single Sign-On button. Click Authorize your device with a code. Note the 6-digit code and follow the link to log in to your Pluralsight account.

How do you watch Pluralsight on TV?

The Pluralsight app is available on the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and on Android TV. The Fire TV app must be downloaded from the Apps section of your Fire TV menu. Amazon has detailed instructions here for downloading apps. You can download the Android TV app through the Play Store app on your Android TV.

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight started as an educational platform. This platform aimed to cater and provide educational sessions and training to an audience mostly comprised of people working in the IT sector, Software Developers, and Professionals.

Downloading courses and playing them Offline

The initial step is to log in on the site can then go to the courses section and find a course on skills that you wish to download.

Viewing downloaded Courses

You can simply watch the courses by clicking the play button, whether on the web or offline. At the same time, the functionality of both is provided with adjustable volume, playback speed, 10-second skips (forward or backward).

Solutions to common download and viewing issues

When I was using these courses for learning from Pluralsight, I faced some problems that even you can face. So, let me guide you with some basic steps to solve some basic issues.

How to download a course on Pluralsight?

Before you begin downloading and viewing a courses using the offline player, please ensure the following: 1 You have an active Skills subscription or license (for group plans). 2 You are updated to the latest version of the offline player. 3 You are signed into the Pluralsight offline player. 4 You have an active and stable internet connection. 5 You have enough space on your device to download the course. The download limit is up to 30 courses per device.

How many courses can you download on Pluralsight?

With an active Pluralsight Skills subscription, you can download up to 30 courses per device for offline viewing on the macOS or Windows offline player. The number of courses you are able to download depends on the space available on your device for downloads. Check out our downloads page to download the macOS of Windows offline player.

How to remove a course from Windows offline player?

To remove a course from the Windows offline player, right-click the course tile in the home screen of the offline player and click Remove course. Important: Logging out of the Window offline player will automatically remove all downloaded courses. In order to keep your downloaded courses, please avoid logging out.


Clone the repository to your system or download it as .zip or .tar.gz.


Hit the s key while watching the video on pluralsight and it'll be downloaded and organized in folder with appropriate file name!

Why I Build It

I build this extention when I was in college. We had limited WiFi data allowance, it was slow and worked only till 12:30AM. Keeping these things in mind I build this extension.


Pluralsight Terms of Use does not allow downloading / storing of the video.

How to download exercise files?

To download exercise files: Browse through the course library and choose your desired course. Click on the Exercise files tab. Download and extract the zip file.

What is an exercise file?

What are exercise files? Exercise files are material included by the course's author to work along with the course. Exercise files may include .pdf slides for the course, instructor notes, source code, and other helpful resources. Most video courses have exercise files, but vary based on what the instructor feels is necessary for ...

What can I do with video courses?

Pluralsight Skills organizes courses into paths. You can use channels and bookmarks to organize your courses. Plus, complete a course, and you'll get a certificate of completion.

How do I add video courses to a channel?

Please see Adding content to your channel for instructions on adding video courses to channels.

How else can I learn on Pluralsight?

Besides video courses, Pluralsight Skills also offers Projects, Interactive Courses, and Guides to help you on your learning journey.

How do I get a transcript?

If you'd prefer to read a transcript or text version of what's found on our videos, we offer transcripts for many of our courses. At this time, our course transcripts are not available for download.