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How can I learn more about PA Cyber?

You can learn about PA Cyber from the comfort of your own home. Join us for an upcoming online information session. We'll explain how PA Cyber operates and answer any questions you may have. Choose a date and time that fits your schedule and register below. We'll then email you the link to attend the session online.

What is the required career readiness course for PA Cyber students?

Beginning with the graduating class of 2020, students must take PA Cyber’s required career readiness course, Career Forward 11. Pre-Requisites: None Career Explorations

How do I join a session with PA Cyber?

Join us for an upcoming online information session. We'll explain how PA Cyber operates and answer any questions you may have. Choose a date and time that fits your schedule and register below. We'll then email you the link to attend the session online.

How do PA Cyber clubs work?

At PA Cyber, these activities meet online through Blackboard Collaborate, and students stay connected by discussions and chats with fellow students in Buzz. Each club elects officers, chooses club topics to discuss, and may even help organize club outings.

Is PA Cyber a good choice?

I love PA Cyber and it is much safer than regular public schools. I feel like they meet all of my academic needs and are very clear in their instructions. They have a variety of clubs and enrichments.

How many credits do you need to graduate PA Cyber?

21 creditsHIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Students must successfully earn a minimum of 21 credits to graduate, with at least 1.5 credits earned in the semester immediately prior to graduation.

Is PA Cyber school accredited?

PA Cyber is a tuition-free public school chartered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which approves our curriculum. All of our teachers are Pennsylvania-certified, highly qualified educators. We are one of only two cyber charter schools accredited by the prestigious Middle States Association.

Does PA Cyber use Edgenuity?

PA Virtual Curriculum Our teachers lead students through their studies using the nationally-recognized K12 and Edgenuity curricula, which both achieved accreditation by AdvancED.

Does PA Cyber have a graduation ceremony?

PA Cyber will livestream both graduation ceremonies. You can find the livestreams on YouTube, and we will post the link on this site prior to the start of the ceremonies.

Do you have to pass the keystones to graduate in PA?

Although students will no longer be required to achieve proficiency on the Keystone Exams to meet the statewide graduation requirement, students must take the Keystone Exams for purposes of federal accountability.

Which PA Cyber school is the best?

Best Cyber Charter Schools in PennsylvaniaPA Virtual Charter School.21st Century Cyber Charter School.Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS)Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA)Esperanza Cyber Charter School.

Does PA Cyber participate in Psers?

Employees enrolled in qualified educational programs may be eligible for up to $2000 of tuition assistance per year. PA Virtual participates in the Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS).

Can PA Cyber students play sports?

False. Pennsylvania's Charter School Law allows a public cyber charter school student to participate in a school district's sports programs and extracurricular activities if such activities are not offered by the charter school.

Is Pa virtual a good school?

Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School is ranked #13,383-17,843 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.

How many students are enrolled in PA Cyber?

Overview of Insight Pa Cyber CS Insight Pa Cyber CS is a charter school located in Exton, PA, which is in a large suburb setting. The student population of Insight Pa Cyber CS is 1,852 and the school serves K-12.

Does PA Cyber pay for Internet?

In order to receive an internet reimbursement, this form, and the required documentation outlined below may be mailed to The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, Attn: ISP Reimbursement, 652 Midland Avenue, Midland, PA 15059. (Only one form per family is necessary), or it may be emailed to [email protected].

What is PA cyber?

Serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber) is one of the largest, most experienced, and most successful online public schools in the nation.

Is PA Cyber open?

As a public school, PA Cyber is open for enrollment by any school-age child residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and does not charge tuition to students or families.

What is the guidance department at PA Cyber?

The Guidance Department at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School believes individuals possess the power to control the quality, growth, and satisfaction in their lives. Our counselors fulfill a vital role in helping students meet their personal, social, educational, and career needs. Guidance counselors at PA Cyber offer a variety of support services to our students ranging from career and post-secondary preparation to personal, social, and emotional assistance; academic support; and staff assistant services. Counselors at PA Cyber also orchestrate the Pennsylvania standardized testing process and closely collaborate with school personnel, programs, and community resources to remove barriers to learning. While our delivery method is different than most in the helping profession, students’ needs continue to be assessed and evaluated so that we may provide the most student-based programs possible. It is our goal that all students will be empowered to create a quality life as they acquire knowledge and learn responsible behaviors.

What is PA Cyber Charter School?

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School has a course pacing policy in place that will help our students reach their educational goals. In addition to providing accountability, pacing ensures that our students are attaining various Pennsylvania educational standards. PA Cyber is dedicated to providing an innovative, individualized education to our students, and we will continue to offer the highest level of service, support, and flexibility.

What is the Keystone exam?

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess student proficiency in Algebra I, Biology, and English Literature. These exams are a component of Pennsylvania’s system of high school graduation requirements. PA Cyber will provide two testing windows for students. The first testing window will take place in December, and the second testing window will take place in May. As students complete courses associated with Keystone Exams, Academic Advisors will make testing arrangements and notify the student of the date, time, and location of each Keystone Exam.

What is the PA system of school assessment?

The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, or PSSA, is a measure of student proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics, and science according to the Pennsylvania Core Standards. PSSA results allow PA Cyber teachers and administrators to assess student learning and achievement each year, and provide a snapshot of the each student’s abilities. Students in grades 3-8 are required to take the Math and English Language Arts PSSA exam. In grades 4 and 8, students will also be required to take the Science PSSA exam.

How many hours of physical education are required in PA?

In compliance with the law, the school requires students in grades 7 and 8 to complete 72 hours of organized, supervised physical activity each school year. Students will receive a physical education kit, which includes a workbook and items to complete different physical activities. Students are required to complete at least half of their physical education hours using the items they receive in the physical education kit. Students are also required to record their physical education hours in the PA Cyber Physical Education Log.

How to become a Lincoln Explorer?

Become a Lincoln Explorer by taking one of Lincoln Interactive’s Explorations courses. These nine-week, four-unit enrichment courses are designed for students to explore new and interesting areas of study. Enroll now and begin your journey toward learning something new!

How often does Let's Go Learn take place?

Let’s Go Learn provides benchmark assessments in mathematics and reading that help provide information about each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Twice a year, students in grades 3-11 will take Let’s Go Learn assessments. Students in grades K-2 will take the assessment three times per year. For reading, all students will take the DORA (Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment). Students will be assessed across multiple areas, and will profile each student’s reading abilities.

How many cyber charter schools are there in Pennsylvania?

There are 14 cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania. These schools have a few similarities and many differences. Per the PA Department of Education (PDE), a cyber charter school is an independent public school and a non-profit organization that uses technology to deliver a significant portion of curriculum and instruction. Cyber charter schools are established and operate under a charter through the Department of Education. The differences between schools are vast, and this section focuses on providing data to help families learn some of the key differentiators.

What is a PA virtual school?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s 2018-2019 Act 82 Building Level Scores, PA Virtual Charter School (PA Virtual) is one of the top-performing cyber charter schools in the state. PA Virtual has served thousands of students since being founded in 2001. As experts in this field, PA Virtual is a trusted resource for families exploring this choice.#N#Parents enroll their children in this model for a number of reasons. They may be interested in actively participating in their child’s learning. Other parents are looking for a more personalized education; they want a school that offers their child individualized support or more of a challenge. Other parents enroll to provide their child a safe, distraction-free learning environment.#N#Every child deserves an education that suits their needs and learning style. PA Virtual has prepared this guide to help families research, learn, and make a choice that is right for them. If you're wondering how to enroll in a PA cyber school, contact us or keep reading The Ultimate Guide to Attending a Cyber Charter School in PA.

How do cyber charter schools work?

Cyber charter schools receive their charters through the Department of Education. These charters establish the grade levels offered at the school. Not every school offers every grade level. As you are choosing the right school for your child, this information will play a crucial role in your choice.

Is PA Virtual a cyber school?

Based on the Act 82 Building Level Scores released by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in December of 2019, PA Virtual is a top-performing cyber charter school in Pennsylvania. This success can be attributed to the dedication of our parents, teachers, and support staff, and to the academic diagnostic tools we use. Our school resources include Study Island and Exact Path, which both allow our teachers to determine students’ needs and support their academic growth.

What is PA Cyber?

PA Cyber offers a modern curriculum balancing fine and performing arts with a wealth of other programs , such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses. Through the Writing Lab teachers provides interactive feedback to help students understand specific areas for improvement while heightening the students’ confidence. The PA Cyber library, which is always open, includes e-books, videos, guides, and physical resources. In addition, there are chapters of National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society as well as other clubs that fulfill a variety of specific interests.

What class is PA Cyber 2021?

After two decades of serving and educating students from kindergarten through 12th grade, the class of 2021 will be PA Cyber’s 20th graduating class . “PA Cyber’s online learning environments, personalized instructional methods and choices of curricula connect more than 10,000 Pennsylvania students and their families with highly qualified, ...