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What is the difference between NADH and NADPH?

differences between NADPH and NADH, Production of NADH, FADHâ‚‚ and NADPH-Nov 18thth, NADH and NADPH are important carrier molecules that carry high ENERGY ELECTRONS Terms in this set (51) NAD+ - high-energy electron acceptor from biochemical reactions NADH - feeds into the electron transport chain to indirectly produce ATP NADPH

What is the difference between NADH and extra phosphate group?

-The EXTRA PHOSPHATE GROUP on NADPH is located far from the region involved in electron transfer and had NO effect on the electron transfer properties of the NADPH compared with the NADH. Instead, it gives the molecule of NADPH a slightly different shape so that it is recognized by a different set of enzymes than NADH.

What is the role of NADH in the generation of ATP?

What is the ROLE of NADH in the generation of ATP through OXIDATION of food molecules. -NADH in contrast to NADPH, has a special role as an intermediate in the CATABOLIC REACTIONS that GENERATE ATP through the OXIDATION of food molecules.

What happens when nicotinamide is oxidized with AD-NADPH?

-NADPH readily gives up the HYDRIDE ION it carries in a subsequent OXIDATION-REDUCTION reaction because the nicotinamide ring can achieve a more STABLE arrangement of electrons without it. In this (2nd) reaction, which GENERATES NADP+, it is the NADPH that is OXIDIZED and the substrate that is reduced.

Why is the ratio of NADP+ to NADPH kept low?

In contrast, the ratio of NADP+ to NADPH is kept LOW to ensure that there is plenty of NADPH to act as a REDUCING agent in ANABOLIC PATHWAYS.

Which group transfers to CoA?

3. C2 group transferred to CoA: forms acetyl CoA (makes the two carbons much reactive; occurs on E2)