mac1140 what course

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MAC1140 Precalculus Algebra

What is mac1140?

MAC 1140 Pre-Calculus Algebra This course is intended for students whose major requires the completion of some or all of the calculus sequence.

What is mac1114?

This course is a study of trigonometry with an emphasis on circular functions. Major topics include: trigonometric and functions, their properties and graphs; inverse trigonometric equations; solutions of triangles; complex numbers; vector algebra; parametric equations; polar coordinates; applications.

What kind of math is mgf1106?

MGF 1106 Liberal Arts Mathematics** This course covers many mathematical skills including systematic counting and probability, statistics, geometry, sets and logic. Some topics related to the history of mathematics are also included in the course.

What is precalculus algebra?

This is a course in precalculus algebra intended for the student who is planning to take trigonometry and the calculus sequence. Major topics include rational and other algebraic functions and their graphs, piecewise-defined functions, a review of exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, matrices and determinants, sequences and series, Mathematical Induction, the Binomial Theorem and applications. The use of graphing calculators will be incorporated throughout the course. This course may be taken concurrently with MAC 1114, Trigonometry.

Do I need to log in to class to learn online?

Learn fully online on your own schedule. You do not need to log in to class at a specific time, but you do need to submit assignments and complete exams as required by your instructor.

What is MAC 1140?

MAC 1140, Precalculus Algebra, is a review of college algebra designed to prepare studentsfor calculus. Students who successfully complete this course with a C or better can advancedirectly to MAC 2233, Survey of Calculus. For students preparing for MAC 2311, AnalyticalGeometry and Calculus 1, this class MAC 1140 should be followed by MAC 1114, PrecalculusTrigonometry. The sequence of both MAC 1140 and MAC 1114 covers the same materialand uses the same text as the one semester, faster paced course, MAC 1147, PrecalculusAlgebra and Trigonometry. As such, if you have already received credit for MAC 1147, youcannot earn credit for MAC 1140 or MAC 1114 again.

What is WebAssign for?

WebAssign is a website for completing and submitting online homework. Starting in the rst week, WebAssign access is required for this course and must be purchased. You mustuse the link in CANVAS to access it. A free trial period of 14 days is provided and beginsthe rst day of classes.

Why is attendance required in discussion?

Attendance in discussion is required in order to return assignments without penalties andto participate in discussion quizzes. Lecture participation is highly recommended. Yourinstructor and/or your discussion leader shall not be responsible for information you misseddue to absence.

What are the components of a hybrid class?

There are two main components to the class: Lecture and Discussion. Since this is a hybridclass, there will be two ways the students get the information. depending on their sectionnumber.

What happens at the end of a semester?

At the end of the semester, each students Final Exam grade will be divided by two and, ifthis resulting number is larger than the lowest grade from Exams 1{3, it will replace thelowest exam grade. The Final Exam grade always remains included in the gradecomputation and will not be replaced.

Is WebAssign a valid excuse?

As detailed above, students are entirely responsible for completing their WebAssign work.Computer issues, website downtime, or other con#R#icts are not valid excuses for anythingmissed. There are absolutely no extensions on WebAssign work.