how to grade an independent study course

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Independent study courses, other than senior essays or projects and other exempted courses as explained below, are graded on a Pass/Fail basis with the additional requirement that the instructor of record submit a substantive report that both describes the nature of the independent study and evaluates the student’s performance in it.

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How is the final grade for an independent study submitted?

The independent study must promote a high level of self-directed learning. 5. The independent study must engage the students to interact with the instructors throughout the course. Procedure 1. The student will develop a plan or idea for independent study and will approach a faculty member to discuss the feasibility and supervision of the work. 2.

What is an independent study course?

An independent study means that you design your own syllabus of academic readings and writing assignments, and persuade a faculty member to agree to meet regularly with you and evaluate your work, typically for one credit. Since a one-credit independent study has higher expectations for academic work than a half-credit exploratory internship ...

How do I prepare for independent study courses?

Jan 12, 2022 · For course-based independent study (CBIS), if more than 10 percent of the LEA’s total ADA is claimed for pupils enrolled in CBIS, then the amount of ADA for all pupils enrolled by that LEA in courses authorized pursuant to this section that is in excess of 10 percent of the total ADA for the LEA shall be reduced by either (A) the statewide average rate of absence for …

Are independent study courses eligible for general education credit?

Grading —The supervisor will evaluate the work, including the final product, associated with the independent study, and submit a grade by the end of the semester. If the independent study has an instructor in addition to a supervising faculty member, the instructor will consult on the final grade with the supervising faculty member, and the supervising faculty member will submit the …

Are independent study courses graded?

Students pursuing independent study earn credits and usually receive grades.Sep 1, 2021

How do you structure an independent study course?

Develop a timetable for implementation of activities and completion of course requirements.Write a goal statement/purpose of Independent study. Write a brief description of the background, experience and strengths the student brings to the topic/focus area. ... List course learning objectives. ... Develop a timetable and plan.

How would you describe an independent study?

Definition of independent study : a course of study done by a student without an instructor or with help from an instructor but not as part of an organized class She is doing an independent study in Art History this semester.

What are independent studies examples?

Usually, students look to independent study when they have an interest in a special topic that's not offered at most high schools. Some examples of special topics would be courses like Asian-American history, British Literature, or Chinese language.Feb 10, 2019

Is independent study the same as homeschool?

Homeschool differs from independent study in that students are not actually enrolled at their local public school, and you as a parent or guardian are responsible for designing and implementing curriculum.Aug 10, 2021

Is independent study hard?

Taking an independent study can be more difficult than a traditional course because you have to keep yourself on track. While you will have an adviser to supervise the course, you will be the one in charge of making sure you are completing enough work; there will be no teacher to give you assignments every day.Nov 4, 2018

When should you do independent study?

If you are looking for something different - a special field experience, a chance to try research, or simply explore a topic in more depth - you should consider doing an independent study under faculty supervision.

What is an independent study module?

1.1 Independent Study Modules (ISMs) are credit bearing modules that are created for individual students who need to retrieve a credit deficit in a core module, which is no longer available, to enable them to gain an award.

Do independent studies look good?

Independent study can be a great option for some pupils; however, it may not be the right option for every pupil who is not thriving in a regular classroom setting. Some pupils might be better served in an educational option that is classroom-based and offers a smaller learning environment and more individualization.Sep 24, 2021

How long should an independent study paper be?

The minimum paper length for a 2-credit independent study course critically evaluating an academic content domain is 10 pages (double-spaced, 11-12 point font, with 1-inch margins), and the minimum for a 4-credit course is 20 pages.

How long can a student study independently?

Long-term shall refer to a student's participation in independent study for 15 or more cumulative school days in a school year. Students may participate in independent study on a full-time basis or in conjunction with courses taken in a classroom setting.

What activities count as independent learning?

How can independent learning help you?Organising yourself and your time.Note-taking.Gathering and using information.Reading.Listening.Writing.Speaking.Remembering.More items...

What is independent study?

An independent study means that you design your own syllabus of academic readings and writing assignments, and persuade a faculty member to agree to meet regularly with you and evaluate your work, typically for one credit . Since a one-credit independent study has higher expectations for academic work than a half-credit exploratory internship, ...

How to supervise independent study?

If you wish to persuade an Educational Studies faculty member to supervise your independent study, then consider this advice: 1 Take charge of your learning and plan ahead. Independent studies do not work for passive students who wait until the last minute to meet deadlines. 2 Read examples on this web page (and elsewhere) and mine them for ideas about how to deepen your learning. 3 “Independent study” does not necessarily mean “one solo student.” Instead, the most successful Educ 399 projects have consisted of 2-5 students who shared the same interests and created their own mini-class. 4 Start drafting a syllabus (ideally, with other students) of your learning goals, readings, writing, and other types of assignments that you believe will deepen your learning. Compose this in a collaborative Google Document to share. 5 Schedule a meeting to show your progress and persuade a faculty member to work with you. The most persuasive arguments will:#N#come from 2 or more students working in a small group (rather than solo efforts)#N#come from students who have already had a course with that faculty member, to build on prior learning#N#connect with academic topics that interest that faculty member, either because they have taught or researched or supervised related work in the past, or because it’s something that they personally wish to learn more about in the future

Who is Emily Schroeder?

Emily Schroeder designed an independent study based on reading and writing policy analysis while working as a policy intern with the CT Early Childhood Alliance in 2018. Emily Meehan, Christina Raiti, and Elaina Rollins created an Educ 399 project on teaching and pedagogy.

Who is Mohammed Albehadli?

Mohammed Albehadli designed an independent study in 2019 as a research assistant for a study that employs survey and interview methods to investigate how Asian American parents navigate the landscape of school choice in the Greater Hartford Region.

How to enroll in independent study?

Enrolling Students into Independent Study 1 Contact your local school and/or school district 2 Must be the choice of the student, parent, guardian, or caregiver 3 School districts cannot force students into independent study programs

Is independent study an alternative curriculum?

This alternative instructional strategy offers the flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests, and styles of learning. Independent study, however, is not an alternative curriculum and independent study students are expected to meet the same educational objectives as all other students. By law, independent study education is ...

Is independent study voluntary?

Independent study is voluntary, many school districts offer this type of education, but some do not. The California Department of Education works to improve independent study programs in school districts. For more information about independent study in your area, contact your local school and/or school district.

What is CIF in school?

The CIF defines independent/home study programs under the jurisdiction of a CIF-member school or school district as those independent/home study programs in which the curriculum is approved, the program administered and the students evaluated by that school/school district’s governing body’s designees.

How many minutes of physical education do you need for a 10 day school?

Students in grades one through six must be provided with at least 200 minutes of physical education instruction each 10 school days. EC Section 51210 (g) Students in grades seven through twelve must be provided with at least 400 minutes of physical education instruction each 10 school days.

Can homeless people go to school?

Yes. Homeless students have the right to enroll in and attend school. As such, homeless students have the same rights as all other students to choose independent study as an alternative to classroom-based instruction. In addition, they have different criteria to meet for evidence of residency in the district.

What is independent study?

Independent study enables a student to pursue for course credit a research or other academic topic of interest under the supervision of a faculty member. Independent study is of two types: Independent Study (non-research) Research Independent Study.

What is the final product of a student?

Final product—The student will produce a final academic and/or artistic product to be completed during the semester for which the student is registered for the course. Grading—The supervisor will evaluate the work, including the final product, associated with the independent study, and submit a grade by the end of the semester.

What is a teaching assistant?

The teaching assistant option allows students to experience online classes from the teaching side, or help develop outreach curriculum and/or conduct outreach programs. Students can choose to do an independent study in either Online Courses or Outreach Education. Specifics are outlined below.

Does UNL have a policy on dishonesty?

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a policy about academic dishonesty, as indicated in the Student Code of Conduct (see Undergraduate Bulletin). As a student at UNL, you enjoy rights and protections under the code and are obligated to conduct yourself in compliance with the code.

What are independent study courses?

Many colleges, universities and community colleges offer independent study courses for students who wish to study a subject or area not covered in existing courses or conduct an independent research project.

How to do independent study?

Along with needing an instructor and approval for your proposed independent study, keep in mind that: 1 You may be required to dedicate a certain number of hours each week to your independent study coursework, and meet with your instructor at specified intervals. 2 An independent study course may not be approved if it covers the same subject as an existing course that is offered at your school. 3 Independent study courses are not usually applicable to a degree program's general education requirements.

How long does it take to get approved for independent study?

You may expect the approval process alone to take as many as eight weeks at some schools.

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To help you build your syllabus and successfully achieve your goals, offers a variety of resources, which include: Textbook substitutes and self-paced online courses in dozens of subjects, including business, math, social science, science, humanities, history, English, computer science, psychology, and foreign languages.


2021–22 Changes to Independent Study

  • Assembly Bill 130 (Chapter 44, Statutes of 2021; approved on July 9, 2021) and AB 167 (Chapter 252, Statutes of 2021; approved on September 23, 2021) made substantive changes to independent study and, for the 2021–22 school year only, AB 130 requires school districts and county offices of education to offer independent study as an educational option (ECSection 517…
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Participating in Independent Study

  • Independent study is available to pupils from transitional kindergarten through high school, and is designed to respond to the pupil’s unique educational needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities within the confines of legal authority and school board policy. Pupils who participate in independent study have the same course requirements as pupils in regular classes. 1. Is Indepe…
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Exemplary Independent Study

  • For many pupils, independent study is the educational option that enables them to most fully realize their potential. This alternative instructional strategy offers the flexibility to meet individual pupil needs, interests, and styles of learning. Independent study is not an alternative curriculum and independent study pupils are expected to meet the same educational objectives as all other …
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