how do i create a course in moodle

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Adding a course

  • Click on the category where you want your course to be. For more information see Course categories
  • Click the "New course" link
  • Enter the course settings, and then choose either to "Save and return" to go back to your course, or "Save and display" to go to the next screen.

Create a new empty course
  1. Log in with your administrator account.
  2. From the left panel (the Navigation drawer) click Site administration.
  3. Click the Courses tab.
  4. Click Add a new course.
  5. Add your course details, using the icon for extra help.
  6. Click Save and display.
  7. Click Proceed to course content to add your teaching materials.
Mar 8, 2020

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How to create a Moodle lesson?

What the teacher sees

  • Preview. The lesson opens up in preview mode for the teacher. However, it will not show the score unless the teacher switches their role to a student.
  • Edit. The Edit tab allows teachers to alter the lesson once it has been set up. There are two views - Collapsed and Expanded.
  • Reports. The reports tab shows the performance of students taking the lesson. ...

How to open your Moodle course to students?

How to open your Moodle course to students. Login to Moodle and enter your course. Locate the Settings Block on the left and Click on Edit Settings. Change the Visible Setting to Show. Click Save Changes to complete the process. A common question at this point is how "Course Start Date" relates to the Visible setting. The answer is: It doesn't.

How to get all courses on Moodle?

  • News items;
  • Enrolled courses (legacy) (available only in 'frontpageloggedin') - shows courses this user is enrolled in and remote courses. ...
  • Course search box;
  • List of courses - shows all courses with descriptions without organising them by category. ...
  • List of categories - shows course categories only;

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How to create a lesson activity in Moodle?

Create a Lesson in Moodle. On the course homeage, click Turn editing on . In the relevant week or topic, click Add an activity or resource, then in the pop-up generated, select Lesson and click Add. On the Adding a new Lesson page, click Expand all at the upper right to display all the available page sections.

How do I create an online course in Moodle?

How To Create Your Own Course In Moodle™Ensure that you are a Course Creator within Moodle™. ... Navigate to the category you would like your course to appear in, and click on the “Add a new course” button.Name your course and give it a short name as well.More items...•

How do I create a free course on Moodle?

According to the logic of Moodle, you can't create a lesson without creating a course first. To create a new online course, go to Site Administration → Courses → Add a New Course. Enter full and short course names (“Workplace Safety”) and click Save and Display.

Can anyone create Moodle course?

By default a regular teacher can't add a new course. To add a new course to Moodle, you need to have either Administrator, Course Creator or Manager rights.To add a course: From the Site administration link, click Courses>Manage courses and categories.

How do you set up a course?

How to create an online courseChoose the right subject matter.Test your idea.Research the topic extensively.Write a course outline.Create the course content.Bring your course online.Sell your online course.Market your content.More items...•

How do I create an online training course?

How to Create Online Training Courses in 5 Incredibly Easy StepsStep 1: Define Your Online Training Goals and Learner Persona. ... Step 2: Create an Outline for Your Online Training. ... Step 3: Build the Content for the Online Training Courses. ... Step 4: Engage Your Learners. ... Step 5: Measure Meaningful Engagement Metrics.

How do I create a free online course?

How to create an online course for freeThinkific: Software to create an online course for free. ... Canva: Free and low-cost design tool. ... Beaver Builder: affordable WordPress page builder. ... Camtasia: Cheap software for editing online course videos, with a free trial. ... Vimeo: Free video hosting.More items...•

How do I create a module in Moodle?

Select the course on the left in the Navigation. Click the Add an activity or resource link, for the course section, to access the module list. Select the Lesson module and click Add. Next, the Adding a New Lesson page should load.

How do I add a course section in Moodle?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and, below the last section, look for + Add topics or + Add weeks (at right). Click + Add topics (or weeks). The add topics/weeks pop-up will appear. Enter the number of sections you want to add into your course and click Add topics/weeks to save.

How do I publish a course on Moodle?

Publishing a course for downloadGo to Settings > Course administration > Publish (only available to users with the capability moodle/course:publish)Click the button 'Share this course for people to download'Select the hub where you want to share your course.Enter information about the course.More items...•

How do I create a course module?

Modular Course DesignIdentify key topic areas. Each module should point to important categories of content or conceptual pieces in your course that help guide students to recognize the big ideas. ... Label your modules clearly and consistently. ... Create modules of consistent structure.

Is Moodle free for teachers?

Leading learning management system today announced MoodleCloud, offering a cloud-hosting solution for teachers, trainers or anyone to effortlessly deploy Moodle as a learning environment, with zero installation or hosting charges.

How do I create a module in Moodle?

Select the course on the left in the Navigation. Click the Add an activity or resource link, for the course section, to access the module list. Select the Lesson module and click Add. Next, the Adding a New Lesson page should load.

How do you create a LMS on Moodle?

Part 1: How to Setup MoodlePlan System Capacity. ... Install Database Server. ... Install Web Server. ... Install PHP. ... Download Moodle & Copy Files into Place. ... Create Moodle Data Directory & Secure Database. ... Begin Moodle Install. ... Setup Backups.More items...

How do I create a PDF course?

Go to Manage Learning Content.Select Courses.Click on a specific course in the Course Overview.You will now be in the Course Curriculum area of the Course Builder.On the left-hand side, click Add Lesson.Select PDF.Name the Lesson Title as desired.More items...

Starting Out

Log in to Moodle and go to the category you would like the new course to appear in.In the Course categories section choose the 'Add a new course' button. If you do not see this button this means that you do not have the role as Course Creator.
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Settings New/Edit

  • As a teacher with editing privileges, you can always change your course's settings in the administration block.Give your course a title.Give your course a short name. This will be the name that appears on the button to bring students back to your course main page. It will also appear in the navigation barat the top of the page.The summary appears on the list of courses.
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Other Settings

  • There are a number of other options you can choose. You can hide sections from students, this option defines how they appear. You can choose to show or hide grades from students. There is also the option of showing reports of all Activity in the course. You can define the words you use in the course for teachers and students When you have set the options, clicking 'Save changes' …
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Your Course & Default Blocks

  • This is a new blank course as seen by a teacher with editing on. This course has 4 empty topics. You get a Latest News block. These are items from the News forumof your course You also get Upcoming Events block, with a link to the Calendar The '[[Recent Activity] block]' is a list of changes and additions to the course Clicking on 'Paricipants' will show a list of participants. Re…
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See Also

  • Course settingsfor adding/editing a course. External links: 1. Video Tutorial : How to create a course in Moodle 2. Create courses on a spreadsheet: Moodle Course Creator (offered under Creative Common license)which uses EditGrid templates to create a zipped xml file.
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