a "booster" engages in which kind of crime?course hero

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Which kind of crime does a booster engage in?

Researchers divide shoplifters into two categories: "boosters", professionals who resell what they steal, and "snitches", amateurs who steal items for their personal use.

What is an example of corporate crime?

Corporate crime in the United States Deceptive advertising, restraint of trade, bank fraud, faulty manufacturing of dangerous products, phony securities sales, patent violations, and environmental pollution are examples.

Which of the following is the most common form of vandalism?

What type of vandalism is most common? Spray painting is most common, followed by trash dumping.

Which of the following does not describe a conventional criminal?

Which of the following does not describe a conventional offender? Short or no criminal record. The vast majority of arsons are committed by professional arsonists. ______________ is a particularly useful model for explaining shoplifting.

What is an example of an occupational crime?

Occupational crimes encompass a wide range of criminal acts, but the most common include white collar offenses, such as embezzlement, money laundering, tax fraud, and the misuse of company information or property.

What is meant by occupational crime?

Occupational crime is crime that is committed through opportunity created in the course of legal occupation. Thefts of company property, vandalism, the misuse of information and many other activities come under the rubric of occupational crime.

What is vandalism and examples?

Slashing someone's tires; Defacing park benches; Altering or knocking down street signs; and. Kicking and damaging someone's property with your hands or feet.

What are the three forms of vandalism?

Three Types of Vandalism in Vacant PropertiesTheft. Theft is one type of vandalism, usually because the thieves are taking things they have to “dig” for, like copper wiring. ... Graffiti and Broken Windows. Cosmetic damage such as broken windows and graffiti are extremely common. ... Broken Pipes.

What causes vandalism?

In general, vandalism may be motivated by malicious greed, by the wish to draw attention to a particular condition, by a political ideology, by the desire for revenge on a particular person, by frustration, or by misguided playfulness.

How white-collar crime is different from conventional crime?

This is such a crime that is committed while in the course of one's work or job. In comparison to the conventional crimes, more is lost in a white-collar crime and it, in turn, affects a large number of individuals and reach of the effect is wide too.

Is white-collar crime deviant?

Generally, white-collar crimes are offenses conducted by guile or concealment that involve “upper world” offenders. Broad definitions of white-collar crime can include harmful acts which are not illegal (deviance) to more narrow definitions that are tied exclusively to violations of criminal law.

Which of the following is a victimless crime?

Examples of victimless crimes include: prostitution, illegal gambling, drug use and vagrancy.